Hemp Facts You May Find Interesting

Hemp Facts

When many people think about hemp, they may only think about the most recent products that have taken the wellness industry by storm. Hemp-derived CBD has inundated the market with a wide array of diverse products that individuals can use to improve how they feel each day, inside and out. From oral and topical items to vapes and even products for pets, hemp-derived CBD can be found just about anywhere. However, these hemp facts may surprise you on how long we’ve been using this incredible plant.

Before becoming a lifestyle superstar, you may not realize that the impressive hemp plant has had quite a track record. It is one of the most versatile and important crops in American history. Here are some hemp facts you may find fascinating.

Hemp Facts: The Surprising History

Hemp has been an important crop on Earth for over 10,000 years. It has been referenced as a vital source of food and fiber dating back to ancient China and Mesopotamia. The seeds and flowers were used for medicinal purposes, while the course leaves and fibers were used to produce useful, dependable products used every day.

Hemp fibers are so strong that they have since been used to produce some surprising products. For example:

For ships and boats: Hemp was used in making sails, rigging, and other ropes. These items were seen as nearly indestructible because the thick hemp fibers were nearly impossible to break, making conditions much safer for sailors. Also, when soaked in tar, hemp was used to fill the crevices between the wooden planks on the ship’s hull to help ensure that it was completely watertight in a process called “caulking” – another testament to the strength of the fibers.

Fun additional fact: Sailors often wore clothing made using hemp, and the captain’s log was often written on hemp paper.

For vehicles: In 1941, Henry Ford built a car out of hemp plastic. Remarkably, the vehicle also ran using hemp fuel. This vehicle has been called “the world’s first carbon-negative car“ because it required only natural materials to be sustained. The exterior of this marvelous vehicle is made of woven hemp plastic, which is about 10 times stronger than steel. Also, hemp oil is a sustainable fuel source that is not only environmentally beneficial, it is also cost-effective and considered a renewable fuel source. At the time, hemp’s legal status became compromised, so research and innovations came to a halt. Now, with industrial hemp finally being legal again, there is a chance that hemp could be the sustainable material of the future.

Fun additional fact: Hemp biodiesel smells like French fries, a scent many prefer to regular gasoline and diesel.

For American history: Preliminary renditions of the Declaration of Independence were drafted on paper made of hemp. It is believed that the first American flag was constructed from hemp when it was realized that other fibers were too weak to withstand the natural elements of the sea.

Fun additional fact: Benjamin Franklin’s paper mill used hemp to create parchment paper.

For artists: In Europe in the 1700s, tightly woven hemp was used to make canvases for oil paintings. The word “canvas“ is actually derived from the Old French word “chanevaz,” which translates to “made of hemp.”

Fun additional fact: In the United Kingdom, Henry VIII passed an act requiring all landowners to sow a quarter of an acre of hemp or risk being fined for noncompliance.

Hemp-derived CBD has inundated the market with a wide array of diverse products that individuals can use to improve how they feel each day, inside and out..

Today’s Market for Hemp

Hemp certainly has an impressive history, but believe it or not, the future of hemp might be even brighter than its past. If you haven’t yet experienced what hemp-derived products like CBD and CBG are capable of, you are in for a treat! As cutting-edge research begins unlocking the full potential of several hemp-derived compounds, we are learning new, versatile benefits regularly.

In 2018, the President signed The Farm Bill into law, making all hemp derivatives containing no more than 0.3% THC legal for purchase and use in the United States. This sparked CBD‘s explosive lifestyle debut, as hemp-derived CBD products began hitting the shelves at rapid speed. Consumers were eager to see if CBD was a gimmick or the real deal, and since, the nonstop success stories have spoken for themselves. CBD first appeared to be a trend, but it’s clear that it is here to stay.

It is important to distinguish hemp from its cousin plant, marijuana. Both are in a cannabis plant family, but only hemp-derived products are legal in the United States. Those products do not cause mind-altering side effects, so consumers can use them freely without worry.

Today, everyday shoppers can find several enjoyable hemp-derived CBD products to improve their lifestyles, including:

These products offer numerous benefits to consumers, depending on their specific needs. No matter how you use it, one thing is clear: hemp-derived CBD is a natural lifestyle solution that works.

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