Explore the Benefits of Meditation

A girl on her meditation routine.

On any given day, many of us find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities, attempting to check everything off of our to-do lists. Sometimes, it feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, which can result in negative self-talk and emotional fatigue. If your daily routine has you feeling unsettled, overwhelmed, and emotionally flustered, you are not alone! Thousands of people are experiencing the same thing – the inability to quiet the mind, hit the emotional “reset button,” and feel a sense of peace and tranquility.

Many people have heard about meditation, but most don’t realize how easy it is. Meditating can change how you feel about yourself and the world and significantly impact your overall health and peace of mind. The numerous benefits of practicing daily meditation have become so well-researched and verified that the positive results are even backed by science.

Is it possible that something so simple can make such a lasting impact on our daily lives and evoke inner peace? The answer is a resounding yes! In as little as ten minutes a day, you can begin reaping the benefits of meditation simply. Truly, anyone can do it!



Five Benefits of Meditation

1. It can help you sleep better

Individuals who practice meditation tend to have acute control over their thoughts and rarely allow for the woes of the day to spiral, causing worrisome, sleepless nights. Meditation helps calm the spirit, rationalize life’s frustrations, and create a more sound mind – a perfect recipe for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

2. It helps “take the edge” off of a challenging day

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you have numerous things to think about, and the pressure of a strenuous day can cause emotional anguish. Taking a break from the perceived chaos and refocusing your attention can help you reframe your day, see problems more clearly, and help you feel a sense of emotional clarity.

3. It improves your self-esteem

When the mind feels “all over the place,” it creates a climate for self-judgment. When we are overworked and not managing our emotions well, we can make mistakes, be forgetful, and consequently, feel bad about ourselves. Meditation helps harness all of your energy in one positive place and allows you to reflect upon the day more rationally and calmly. People who meditate frequently report an overall greater sense of satisfaction and higher self-esteem.

4. It supports emotional health

Becoming more mindful and focusing your energy is great for your emotional health because it helps you gain a new, more poised approach to emotional distress. It allows you to truly focus on the present, and as a result, it reduces negative emotions. Regular meditation is known to result in increased compassion and kindness toward one’s self and toward others.

5. It lengthens your attention span

Training your mind using meditation is similar to training a muscle using weights. The more you practice, the stronger and more agile your mind gets, allowing you to naturally be more attentive and in-tune with your surroundings. Meditation can keep your mind sharp and nimble, too!

Meditation is a special kind of self-care, because it doesn’t require any costly equipment or gym memberships and everyone is capable of doing it just about anywhere. Now that we’ve explored some of the many benefits of meditating, let’s discuss how to begin incorporating this worthwhile moment of peace into your day.


Easy Ways to Meditate for Beginners

As a meditation-newbie, there are two primary styles of meditation you may want to try: focused-attention meditation or open-awareness meditation. They may differ in their overall approach, but both offer the same health-evoking meditation benefits.

Focused-Attention Meditation– This type of meditation is typically best for beginners because it helps busy minds harness their focus onto a single object, thought, sound, or mental image to quiet the mind. Focused-attention meditation can be achieved by finding a peaceful, quiet place, turning the lights down, and directing all of your attention to one place. For example:

  • Center your attention on the dancing flame of a single candle.
  • Focus your mental energy onto a single body part, routing all of your thoughts to a particular area or sensation.
  • Repeat a favorite phrase or mantra in your mind, and focus solely on it.
  • Tune in to a repeating sound, like a chime or ticking clock. Fixate on it and let everything else fade from your mind.
  • Picture something relaxing or comforting in your mind, and keep your attention on that mental image.
  • Listen closely to your own breathing. Focus exclusively on the sound and rhythm of your breath. Visualize pure, clean air flowing into your body when you inhale and envision toxins being released when you deeply exhale.

Open-Awareness Meditation – This type of meditation involves taking in your full physical environment broadly, helping you focus on instincts and feelings you may be inclined to suppress. The goal of this meditation style is to intimately observe your surroundings, increase your spatial awareness, and remain non-judgmental toward your surroundings and yourself.

To achieve this, simply choose a comfortable place to sit, and focus your attention on your surroundings. Try to refocus your mind when your instincts take your attention away from your environment. Avoid:

  • Letting your mind wander toward a memory
  • Focusing on deep-seated feelings and emotions
  • Deep thought about a problem or insecurity

This practice encourages the idea of being truly present in the moment. Instead of your physical body being present and your mind being “somewhere else” so to speak, this meditation style allows you to truly experience your surroundings immersively.


Individuals who practice meditation tend to have acute control over their thoughts and rarely allow for the woes of the day to spiral, causing worrisome, sleepless nights.


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