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  • Green Crack THCA Flower

    Greenhouse Cultivated, THCa 26.72% ♦ Sativa

    With its ability to keep you focused and energized, Green Crack is your perfect daytime Sativa. This strain has been reported to help when you’re feeling down and unmotivated. Known for its euphoric effect, Green Crack could make your days Always Sunny and have you understanding why Dennis and Dee love this stuff so much.

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

  • hhc gummy

    Kayo HHC Gummies


    HHC Gummies 40mg in Grape, Strawberry, Cherry Lime

    HHC Gummies are revolutionizing the smoke-free experience and providing one of the most gentle and enjoyable experiences with hemp-derived cannabinoids. Be delighted by our lineup of delicious flavors that include grape, strawberry, and cherry lime in 40 milligrams doses of the purest and high-quality HHC on the market. Gummies are incredibly easy to consume and discreet, offering a euphoric experience with a cannabinoid that has gained a reputation for being far less overwhelming than its counterpart known as THC.

  • Kush Mintz THCA Flower

    Greenhouse Cultivated, THCa 27.59% ♦ Hybrid

    Although technically one of the more evenly balanced hybrid strains we offer, Kush Mintz likes to hang out on the more mellow side of town. Reported to provide relief from discomfort and worry, Kush Mintz could be your go-to strain to wind down in the evening. Likely to give you the munchies, this descendant of the legendary Bubba Kush will be the devil on your shoulder that convinces you to reactivate your DoorDash account after you swore it off for the third time this month.

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

  • Orange Creamsicle THCA Flower


    Sativa Dominant Hybrid 27.34%

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*
  • Rapid Release Nano Gummies

    $5.95$49.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    Have you ever taken an edible, forgot about it, and then it hits you 2 hours later while you’re in the middle of a Target having a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in years? Your heartbeat starts racing, your brow gets sweaty, and your inner dialogue is screaming, “Do they know I’m blitzed?” …me either. 

    Whether you want to avoid being surprised by an edible uppercut or you simply seek relief more quickly, our Kayo THC Blend Rapid Release gummies are your perfect companion.

    Available in two different formulations, you’ll be able to choose your experience depending on the situation:

    • When you’re looking to be energized and tackle the day, our Energy blend (15mg D9, 7.5mg THCV, 7.5mg CBG) can put a pep in your step and make those monotonous, daily tasks a little more enjoyable.

    • When you’re looking to unwind and ease the stresses of life, our Relax blend (15mg D9, 7.5mg CBN, 7.5mg CBD) can help you tune out reality and sink into a euphoric bliss before easing you into a restful slumber.

    Each formulation is available in three distinct flavors: Raspberry, Tropical Fruit, and Watermelon.

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    *While we have Revamped this great product, our Original Rapid Release is still available in the original flavors, blend, and 20-count jars while supplies last.

  • Cereal Milk THCA Flower


    Greenhouse Cultivated, THCa 25.17% ♦ Hybrid

    I had two bowls for breakfast and one of them was cereal… 

    If your tolerance is fairly ~high~, Cereal Milk may be the perfect strain for the times you need to calmly focus on the tasks at hand. As a moderately balanced hybrid, Cereal Milk has been reported to provide a euphoric boost of energy in the mind without the racing heartbeat. If you like to express your creativity in a social setting, prepare by having your Wheaties and smoking them too.  

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

  • THCA Prerolls

    $14.95$16.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    Discover the perfect companions for a premium smoke experience with our THCa Prerolls. Each preroll weighs 1.25 grams (singles), providing a generous serving of high-quality THCa goodness. Choose between single 1.25g prerolls or a 5-pack of mini .75g prerolls, offering convenience and variety. Indulge in a selection of exquisite strains, including Jealousy, Orange Creamsicle, Garlic Truffle, Pineapple Express, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and many more.

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

  • 1:1:1 D9:CBD:CBG/CBN Chocolate 600mg 20ct

    $44.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    Introducing D9 THC Chocolate, the tasty and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of delta-9 THC. Our chocolate is available in two delicious flavours: Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Coffee Crunch. To give a robust and satisfying experience, each piece of chocolate is meticulously dosed with Delta-9 THC, CBD, and other helpful cannabinoids, CBG and CBN. This offers a balanced 1:1:1 D9:CBD:CBG/CBN Chocolate experience.

  • d8/d9 gummies cherry

    D8/D9 65MG Gummies

    $4.95$59.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    These gummies are packed with full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoids. They contain 15mg of Delta 9 THC and 50mg of Delta 8 THC, making them one of the most potent gummies available. It is recommended that you use them with caution. You can get them in three different sizes: 2 pieces/130mg, 12 pieces/780mg, and 30 pieces/1950mg. Available in Blue Razz Rings, Cherry Rings, Cosmic Rings, Peach Rings, and Watermelon Rings.

    Serving size: 1/4 gummy

    In terms of actual weight, 0.3% THC content is equal to about 3mg of hemp-derived d9 THC per gram of product – in this case, gummies. That means if you have a 4-gram gummy, you can comfortably blend approximately 12 milligrams of delta-9 THC into each gummy and still be in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.  Our gummy rings weigh 9.5 grams, are compliant with the conditions of the 2018 Agriculture Act (aka. 2018 Farm Bill), and are made in the US using quality hemp and organic practices.

    **Please see the disclaimer in the long description below regarding the shipping of this product during the warmer months**

  • delta 8 vape carts

    Delta 8 THC Hemp Derived Vape Cartridge


    Potent and fast-acting! For those who love concentrates, check out our Delta 8 Vape Carts with 95%+ D8. This full-spectrum formulation features small amounts of CBG, CBD, and CBN. Each vape cartridge packs 1 milliliter of our premium distillate from US-grown hemp. The Hemp Doctor’s current selection of D8 vapes combines Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. Each formulation is third-party lab tested for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Ditch the lighters, papers, or grinders and enjoy the convenience and ease of vaping. Shop our high-quality D8 vapes today.

    Our preloaded Delta 8 vape carts outperform the competition. These units are compatible with any 510 threaded vape battery. But if you’re shopping for a top-of-the-line battery, may we suggest the Aerial 350mah from The Hemp Doctor?

    These Delta 8 Vape Carts are ready to use straight out of the box. Start by screwing the Delta 8 vape carts into a compatible battery, put the cart up to your mouth, and inhale for a few seconds. These Delta 8 Vape Carts can produce mild intoxication; use this product in moderation. Our products are Farm Bill compliant and do contain a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

    Before you buy, please read the product warnings below.

  • Jealousy THCA Flower

    Greenhouse Cultivated, THCA 26.58% – Hybrid

    Boasting a truly balanced experience, users say Jealousy relaxes the mind while providing a physical energy boost. Best enjoyed when feeling the burden of everyday stress, Jealousy will have other smokers envious of your newfound strain for productivity.

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

  • Sale!
    ghost train haze vape

    Kayo 3g Blended Disposable Vapes

    $37.46 or subscribe and save 25%

    Welcome to our new and improved 3g Kayo Blended Disposables! We will soon begin carrying our D8/THCa/HHC/THCP blend of disposables. These are the same thoroughly enjoyed, potent vapes we have carried for a while, just a new name. We have taken the cannabinoid THCa and pre-converted it into D9 through the scientific process decarboxylation. So, the product you are using is still D9 THC, but it does start off as THCa. Even though this is a different name, you still get the exact same great effects from the product!

    Our Kayo line delivers the “Knockout Hit” you’ve been asking us for!  We have blended our premium distillates into one incredibly potent option that provides a high level of euphoria while enjoying a full blown entourage effect. Be sure to check out our 3 new Limited strains. Prepare yourself!!

      • D8/D9/HHC/HHCP or THCP/Live Rosin
      • D8/THCa/HHC/THCP/Live Rosin

    * Please note these vapes do arrive in batches. This means that some of our stock will still note the standard D8/D9/THCP or HHCP/HHC/Live Rosin Blend, while our newest batch of arrivals will market the new “THCa platinum” blend! It varies depending on our stock quantity, so do not worry if you receive two different strains that have different packaging, you will still receive your desired effects with both products! Our new packaging will be marketed on the site asap. Thanks for your understanding! *

  • OG Kush THCA Flower

    “ZA” Indoor Exotic, THCA 28.13% – Hybrid

    Easily melt your stress away with a strain that has one of the most recognizable names in cannabis. Thought to be the result of crossing plants from Amsterdam, California, and Florida, OG Kush can produce a balanced mix of head and body effects. Although technically a hybrid, OG Kush is better left for winding down, as one of the top reported feelings is sleepiness.

    *Please note, flower is a final sale item and not eligible for returns or exchanges. Return policy*

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    d8 buds mini

    Delta 8 THC “Mini” Buds


    You know what they say about small packages… good things! If you want great value for your money, try our D8 Buds. This full spectrum D8 bud is easy to grind for a convenient and cost-effective method. These premium buds also contain other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBC, and THCa, providing an effective and satisfying experience. See what’s available below.

    Our flower comes in airtight containers to preserve its freshness and in half-ounce or one-ounce formats. These D8 buds can be enjoyed in several ways, including in a joint, pipe, bong, or converted into homemade goodies, etc. This product can produce a euphoric sensation, usually described as milder than standard D9 flower. The effect can be felt almost immediately but will last only a few hours. If you are new to this type of product, start with a small puff or two before consuming more. We also offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

    Buy D8 flower from a source you can trust, shop today.

    The Hemp Doctor provides federally compliant, lab-tested products using hemp that is US-grown. Full spectrum products can contain a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC by law.

  • dog treats calm

    CBD Dog Treats, Beef-Flavored

    $24.95 or subscribe and save 25%

    Give your furry friend the benefits of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. The Hemp Doctor’s CBD dog treats use water-soluble hemp oil and contain the same proprietary formulas used in all our products, providing superior results in a tasty, dog-approved chew—30 delicious beef-flavored treats per bag.

  • d8 buds mini

    Small Hemp Flower CBD Bud


    Introducing our incredible CBD bud! Now you can customize your CBD experience with the same quality buds we use in our legendary prerolls. Grind, roll, or pack however much you need and enjoy – no waste required!