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Pen: Aerial 350mah battery w/charger

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The perfect companion! Get this Aerial 350mah battery with a charger for all your vaping needs. This pocket-sized pen is compatible with any 510-thread cartridge and is simple to use. The pen is currently available in various fun colors to suit everyone’s style. Check the selections below for more. It comes with a variable voltage feature with 3 temperature settings for maximum performance. The pen also has a pre-heat function and quick charge USB. These features allow consumers to customize their vaping experience, targeting the perfect temperature and taste. We use the most advanced technologies to create a personal vaporizer device that is priced fairly and is of high quality.

What is our battery better? The Aerial 350mah battery is the most powerful on the market! Most devices will only have 180mah (milli-amp-hour), which is far less than our current design. It will work better and last longer, providing a better user experience. The Hemp Doctor offers a safer option for consuming hemp-derived concentrates. Shop the brand you trust.

Browse our premium selection of D8 vape cartridges as well. When vaping, sometimes less is more. Please use vape products responsibly. Use this device only as directed.

Colors available: Silver & Black

  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • Pre-Heat Function
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Quick Charge USB
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10 reviews for Pen: Aerial 350mah battery w/charger

  1. thamuvahship

    The pen was great for the first two weeks. But it doesn’t hold a charge as long. It flashes red about 3 times then flashes white. I don’t know what that means.

  2. jrdr (verified owner)

    Comes with bare minimum instructions so troubleshooting is extremely difficult. To top it off, it doesn’t work. Just flashes and goes dead, even after charging.

    • The Hemp Doctor

      Thanks for letting us know about the issue with the battery. The instructions are on the package, but you may have received a faulty one. We are happy to send you a replacement battery if you'd like to return the faulty one.

  3. Promise (verified owner)

    I've had the pen for a few days and it works fine. I believe the reason it may be dying fast for some people is because they are not turning it off after use. It requires 5 clicks to turn on AND 5 clicks to turn off.

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    Previous bad review was user fault. Sorry, 5 stars are for customer support . Very Good.

  5. Jason

    Been working great for over 6 months. I used it and put it on charge and now I get nothing out of it. Everything lights up but nothing comes out

  6. Donnie Beaver (verified owner)

    New vape pen user, figured it out without much fuss. Works great right out of the package

  7. JON (verified owner)

    Recently ordered 2 of these. After a lot of bad luck with defective units, these two are working quite nicely.
    One of the charging adapters(USB) was corroded at the contact point to charge the pen new out of the box. Which is likely because some of the returned units have been refurbished and put back into circulation. So that adapter unfortunately is defective. Luckily the other adapter from the 2nd pen works flawlessly.

    I do wonder if the fact that some of these being refurbished(not new) is reflected in the pricing for the "new" products we're purchasing.

    Food for thought, if the new product I purchased wasn't packaged with a refurbished part I wouldn't be bringing it up, because it would be a non-issue. Nor would I bring up if that was being reflected in the pricing.

    Feedback is useful, whether it's positive or negative. Just saying.

  8. Jon

    Purchased a red version recently, the finish has a nice texture giving you a little better fee than the standard silver finish in my opinion. Holds a charge really well even if I forget to turn it off with the 5 button presses. Packaging was also nice and minimal.

  9. Audrey Lanford (verified owner)

    I ordered one that I was happy with for about a month, but then it stopped charging when plugged in and was not hitting. I've had the replacement for a couple of weeks and I'm now running into the same problem: it's been plugged in for three hours as I type this and it's still not charging. It's fine when it works, though. I've never had problems like this with other pen batteries that I've had in the past.

  10. MC (verified owner)

    I wrote a negative review about this battery a few days ago. I’m happy to say THD has made everything right. They have outstanding customer service.

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More about Our Aerial 350mah Battery w/Charger

There are many 510 thread vaping batteries available on the market today. But not all vape battery pens are created equal. So how do you know if you are buying a high quality vape battery? There are a few things to consider.

First, you want to purchase a 510-thread battery. This is basically the size of the battery and the “threads” that are found on the device where the vape cartridge connects itself to the battery. 510 threaded batteries are by far the most universal and popular sized thread, which means that our battery will fit any other 510 threaded cartridges out there.

Secondly, you want to consider the power of your battery. By way of comparison, your average vape pen battery only possesses 180mah of power. But what does that even mean? The designation of “mah” stands for milli-amp-hour and is a measurement of the strength of your battery. In other words, the higher the mah of your battery, the stronger the battery is and the longer it will last on one charge. So while the average vape pen battery only has 180mah of power, our vape pen battery boasts a full 350mah of power! That means that our device fires stronger and lasts longer than most of the vape pen batteries available on the market. Having all of this power in one convenient, pocket-sized pen makes it one of the most portable and convenient devices available.

Now we can talk about the “extras” that come with our aerial 350mah battery. First, it is simple to operate as it only has one button that controls all functions. Just click the button 5 times to turn the device on or off. Press the button and hold in order to take a hit. You can preheat the device or put it on standby (pause) by clicking twice, and you can change the voltage by simply clicking three times.

This brings us to our variable voltage feature. Our premium device offers three voltage levels to choose from. Essentially, the higher the voltage that you use, the hotter the device gets and the stronger your hit gets. Click three times to increase the voltage you are currently using, then click three more times to increase to the highest voltage available – but be careful! Hotter is not always better when it comes to vaping. If the hit feels too strong, you can always click through the voltages to decrease back to the first level. That’s the beauty of variable voltage. You are in complete control of the strength and heat of your hit and can always adjust it to get the exact amount of heat, vapor, and throat hit that you desire.

While we are on the subject, let’s discuss why you may find that your throat sometimes hurts when vaping. The first reason is called “dry hits.” If you get a dry hit while vaping, you will know it because the taste is not good. Dry hits typically happen when you either have the voltage turned up too high, so you are burning your vape substance, or when your cartridge is running too low on oil or juice. The best way to cure dry hits it to be sure that you have enough oil in your cartridge, and to turn the voltage down on your battery.

Another reason your throat may hurt when vaping is that you have inhaled too much vapor and attempted to hold it all in. You don’t have to inhale a huge cloud of vapor to get the desired effect from your vaping device. Remember, sometimes less is more! So if you feel pain or experience coughing, know that you might just be taking too big a draw and/or trying to hold it in for too long. Give yourself room to experiment. Play with decreasing your draw and/or how long you hold it in. You will eventually find your comfort zone and have a much more pleasant vaping experience.

Finally, our battery is easy to charge. Just screw the threads into the charging unit, plug the unit into any USB port, and charging begins. Our battery charges quickly, and the convenient USB plug can be used anywhere there is a USB port available. You will know when the device is fully charged because the light will turn from red to green. Now your vape pen is ready for use!

Our aerial 350 mah battery comes in a slim and sleek design that is offered in two different colors: silver and black. So choose the finish that best suits your taste and begin your vaping journey with our high quality vape pen battery!


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We realize this affects many customers, friends, family, etc. Our staff has been working hard to make adjustments regarding shipping, labeling, and more. If you have any questions, please call The Hemp Doctor at (704) 360-4843.

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