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Kayo 3g Blended Disposable Vapes

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Welcome to our new and improved 3g Kayo Blended Disposables! We will soon begin carrying our D8/THCa/HHC/THCP blend of disposables. These are the same thoroughly enjoyed, potent vapes we have carried for a while, just a new name. We have taken the cannabinoid THCa and pre-converted it into D9 through the scientific process decarboxylation. So, the product you are using is still D9 THC, but it does start off as THCa. Even though this is a different name, you still get the exact same great effects from the product!

Our Kayo line delivers the “Knockout Hit” you’ve been asking us for!  We have blended our premium distillates into one incredibly potent option that provides a high level of euphoria while enjoying a full blown entourage effect. Be sure to check out our 3 new Limited strains. Prepare yourself!!

    • D8/D9/HHC/HHCP or THCP/Live Rosin
    • D8/THCa/HHC/THCP/Live Rosin

* Please note these vapes do arrive in batches. This means that some of our stock will still note the standard D8/D9/THCP or HHCP/HHC/Live Rosin Blend, while our newest batch of arrivals will market the new “THCa platinum” blend! It varies depending on our stock quantity, so do not worry if you receive two different strains that have different packaging, you will still receive your desired effects with both products! Our new packaging will be marketed on the site asap. Thanks for your understanding! *

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