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THC-O Acetate 1ml Vape Cartridge


Have you heard?  Hemp-Derived THC-O Acetate is the newest cannabinoid gaining popularity due to its unique effects and strength, and now available in 1ml vape carts.

The Hemp Doctor’s THCO Acetate is made with the superior compounds from our Delta 8 THC, producing the highest quality THC-O available. Its makeup is much more viscous than Delta 8 THC oil, similar to CBD or CBN distillate.  The pull is smooth with no burn, but be careful, it’s a creeper!  For some, it may take up to 30 minutes before the effects begin to kick in, so be patient and don’t overdo it.  This product can be as much as 3 times more potent than delta 8 or delta 9.


Now, we know this is not going to be for everyone, but for those with a higher tolerance, we recommend trying these out to see how you like them!

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What Is THC-O Acetate?

THC-O is short for THC-O-Acetate. Unlike the other cannabinoids that you’ll find featured in our products, THC-O is not found in cannabis in its natural state. Instead, the acetate molecule is chemically spliced into the base cannabinoid mixture to create THC-O.

How is THC-O Acetate Made?

This is a synthetic substance that must be created in a laboratory as the chemicals used to create it are extremely hazardous and volatile. Therefore, you should never, ever try to create this at home. However, the chemical process used to create this substance produces quite an extraordinary compound.

First, we start with raw hemp. At The Hemp Doctor, we use only American-grown hemp because it is purer than imported hemp and grown under strict USDA standards. Then, we extract CBD from the plant and convert it into Delta 8 THC. From there, we use a chemical process under controlled laboratory conditions to add acetic anhydride to the Delta 8 THC to make the THC-O Acetate.

What Are the Effects of THC-O Acetate

THC-O is the strongest form of cannabis that currently exists. Believe it or not, this cannabinoid is reported to be three times as strong as the previous strongest cannabinoid (delta-9 THC). So what exactly does that mean, and what are the effects?

Most people who have taken THC-O in clinical studies have described the experience as “a trip,” not unlike one someone would go on after taking psychedelics. It is known to induce a state where the body and the mind are completely submerged in a transcendent, immersive, and spiritual journey.

This, of course, might be a turn-off for those who aren’t interested in that strong of a buzz. In fact, for medicinal purposes, it’s only recommended for those who don’t experience the needed effects of other cannabinoids. As each person has different biological needs, what is perfectly potent enough for one can be useless to another. For recreational purposes, however – the effects speak for themselves.

We’ve Got the Best THC-O at The Hemp Doctor!

As always, we only carry the purest and highest quality hemp-derived products on the market, and our THC-O line is no exception. In addition, we’ve got some great strains for you to choose from. You can select:

  • The energizing and heady focus of our Sativa strains like Train Wreck or Amnesia Haze,
  • The sedating effect of our Indica Skywalker OG, or
  • Our combination hybrid strains of our Runtz or Gorilla Glue.

You can always count on The Hemp Doctor to bring you the newest hemp-based products available!

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