Eating Vegan with Delta 8 and CBD Edibles

gummy bears

We all desire to take better care of ourselves, and part of that self-care is being particular about the foods that we eat. Whether it is a special eating plan we are trying to stick to or just paying attention to the labels on our food, we understand that the foods we put into our…

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What Your Favorite D8 Edible Flavor Says About You

delta-8 edibles

What does your favorite D8 edible flavor say about you? Of course, you know that The Hemp Doctor offers a wide selection of Delta 8 THC edibles, and each one has a unique and tasty flavor. While they’re all delicious, we have our favorites and others that aren’t our first-round draft pick. You may not…

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Military Dog Adoption: How to Help Your Dog Adjust

Things to know when adopting a military dog.

If you’re thinking about adopting an ex-military dog, you might have some questions about acclimating them to civilian life. While the idea might be daunting to some, it isn’t as challenging as one might expect. However, there are a few aspects that differ from the experience of adopting a non-working dog. Before an ex-military dog…

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How Does CBG Work in Our Bodies?

How Does CBG work?

You may have heard about the newest wellness product being purchased alongside the ever-popular CBD: CBG. If you haven’t heard of it, you may be wondering, “what’s the difference? Aren’t all of those acronyms the same?” Well, get excited. First – no, they are not the same. They are quite similar, and they both have…

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