How to Sober Up from Being High on Cannabis

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Getting high on cannabis can bring a sense of happiness, uplifted mood, euphoria, creativity, and relaxation. Still, things can go unplanned and sometimes wrong even for the most experienced cannabis users. However, you don’t have to worry if you got too high from consuming cannabis. Maybe you got caught up playing weed games or were trying to impress your peers, and now you have landed on the wrong runway and took off to a different high from what you were expecting. Maybe an evening that was supposed to be fun now has turned into anxiety, and all you can think of is your racing heart, unwanted thoughts, and paranoia. You may at some point start doubting your friends’ identity – are they really who they say they are?

Getting too high and experiencing unwanted side effects is relatively common, and usually, it’s not something to worry about as the symptoms will soon go away. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although using too much marijuana can cause adverse side effects, “a fatal overdose is unlikely,” so you won’t die from getting too high. Still, experiencing panic and extreme confusion is distressing. Therefore, you might want to learn ways to sober up from being high on cannabis, so next time you get too high, you can pull through quicker and enjoy the rest of your day with no unwanted side effects. Luckily, a few of the methods discussed below will help ease your symptoms, so you can snap back quickly if you get too high in the future.

1. Talk with Your Friends

Getting too high usually causes confusion, anxiety, paranoia, or even a panic attack. The great thing about getting high with your friends is that you don’t have to deal with the symptoms alone. Being too high also comes with unwanted thoughts and fears, and communicating them with your friends can help you relax, plus it will be a great distraction and will help you get out of your head. Unless they are also experiencing side effects, friends can greatly help cope with anxiety and calm down, so you can handle the symptoms better and sober up more quickly.

2. Take CBD Supplements

Consuming more cannabis ingredients while high may not sound like a great idea, but not all cannabinoids cause the same effects. CBD, unlike THC, is non-psychoactive and doesn’t cause mind-altering symptoms. Furthermore, it can act as an antagonist of THC and reduce the psychotic symptoms caused by the latter. Luckily, CBD is now available everywhere, either online or at brick-and-mortar stores. CBD products come in different forms, like tinctures, softgels, edibles, or vape products. Tinctures are the fastest acting, so you can take them immediately when you start experiencing THC’s side effects. CBD-infused edibles are also great to have on you when you get high as they can be the perfect snack once the munchies strike and even before you start experiencing THC’s unwanted effects.

3. Hydrate

Are you familiar with the term cotton mouth? Then you most probably already know the dry feeling in your mouth after smoking marijuana. Drinking water will help get rid of the dry mouth, and staying hydrated can help you calm down. It will also make you focus on the process of sipping and swallowing, which can be a great distraction from your unwanted thoughts, and when beer and coffee are a big no (they can worsen your symptoms), water can be an excellent drink to have while too high.


4. Take a Shower or Bath

Although sometimes you can’t perform this step if you’re not at home, a shower or bath can significantly help you relax and calm down. Cold showers can calm down your racing heart, and a warm one can help you relax. Bath, especially when you use aromatic essential oils or bath bombs, can be a calming experience and an excellent way to wait for your symptoms to go away. Just make sure not to relax too much to fall asleep in your bathtub. It’s always a great idea to set the alarm on your phone and place next to the bathtub.

5. Find a Distraction

When your anxiety is at worst, and unwanted thoughts race through your mind, the last thing you want is overthinking because that might produce more thoughts and fears, such as fear of dying, resulting in a panic attack. When you overthink, your symptoms can worsen, so finding a distraction is one of the best ways to sober up from being high. A good distraction can be watching your favorite TV show, playing a game with your friends, playing a video game, eating snacks, listening to musing, drawing, painting, or doing any craft. Your distraction can be any activity you enjoy that will help you get out of your head, calm your mind, and relax.

6. Try Black Pepper

“Out of the blue and into the black” – might be a familiar quote if you are among Neil Young’s listeners. In his interview with Howard Stern, one of the greatest Canadian musicians stated that he uses black pepper when paranoid after smoking marijuana.

“Try black pepper balls if you get paranoid. Just chew two or three pieces,” Young said. So don’t feel blue if you’ve just started experiencing the side effects of consuming too much cannabis. Just try black pepper.

Neil Young isn’t the only cannabis user to use black pepper for sobering up. Even science supports his idea; a 2011 review from the British Journal of Pharmacology states that the terpenes in black peppercorn (especially beta-caryophyllene) seem to tame the effects of THC. So, when feeling adverse effects after consuming too much THC, trying black pepper can help ease the symptoms.

You can try chewing on peppercorns or sniffing black pepper to find relief, and what’s best about this method is that you won’t have to go on a long quest for finding black pepper as it’s likely already in your kitchen.

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