CBD: What Parents Need to Know

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CBD has been the talk of the wellness industry for a couple of years now, and for a while, it seemed like another trendy fad that would come and go. Instead, this unique, versatile ingredient has not only remained relevant, but it has also gained a substantial following of loyal CBD enthusiasts with remarkable success stories and powerful anecdotes. Beyond winning the public congeniality award, CBD is impressing researchers regularly. The ingredient is constantly being evaluated deeply for its benefit potential, and it seems that CBD’s full abilities remain untapped.

While you’ve probably heard about CBD, not everyone knows enough about it to feel comfortable giving it a try. The internet is full of misinformation and general confusion on the topic, as unfounded articles and blogs sometimes provide inaccurate information. Especially for parents, there are a few things you need to know about CBD so you can decipher myths from facts and truly understand the wellness trend. If it hasn’t already, CBD is bound to pique the interest of someone in your household (or you!) and it’s best to have accurate information about it when that happens.



CBD – Myths vs. Facts

Just like with anything else, the internet is full of opinions and myths about CBD. To clear them up in a straightforward way, we’ve listed the top three misnomers found online about CBD, and we aim to clear up the confusion once and for all.

MYTH #1: CBD and marijuana are the same thing.

Moms and dads out there, take note: This is not true! This myth is so well-circulated that some people actually think of marijuana when they hear “CBD,” and that immediately triggers some instant reactions and possibly some biases, too. Let’s clear up exactly what CBD is:

CBD is a compound extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is in the cannabis plant family, just like marijuana, but the plants are cousins, not identical twins! While they share a few similar features, the hemp plant contains extremely low levels of THC – the ingredient in marijuana known for creating a “high” feeling. CBD is different! It is one of many truly beneficial compounds (called cannabinoids) derived from hemp and added in several safe-to-use wellness products in stores and online today.

MYTH #2: CBD is illegal in the United States.

Once again, this is absolutely false. No matter what you see online, hemp-derived CBD products are completely legal in the United States. Again, hemp and marijuana are not the same, so CBD derived from hemp complies with federal law. It became legal in 2018 when the President signed the Farm Bill into law. This action made all hemp-derived CBD containing .3% THC or less legal for production, purchase, and consumption in the U.S. and immediately triggered CBD’s retail debut.

To guarantee that your CBD product is derived from hemp like the law requires, be sure to only shop with trusted CBD retailers. A credible, distinguished brand will share everything you need to know about your product, from where they plant their hemp seeds to how the plants are processed. This allows shoppers to intimately understand their product and verify it’s purity. All reputable brands will also utilize an unbiased third-party lab and make the lab results available to you. Just so you know what to look for, hemp-based CBD will never have more than .3% THC, and diligent brands will also remove all traces of metals, chemicals, and molds for your safety.


MYTH #3: CBD alters your mind and gets you “high.”

A prime concern for loving, attentive parents is that CBD will behave like marijuana and cause psychoactive, mind-altering effects. This myth is false. In fact, one of the reasons CBD has gained such unbelievable traction in the wellness industry is because it delivers several benefits to the body without psychoactive side effects. Because of this, CBD is safe to use morning or night, can be used on-the-go, and is non-addictive.

Like we mentioned above, hemp-derived CBD has a maximum of .3% THC (the notorious psychoactive ingredient). Because .3% is such a small, trace amount, it is considered minuscule, and products containing those tiny amounts are labeled as “full-spectrum.” This means your hemp-derived CBD product still complies with the law and contains a negligible amount of THC.

If the mere presence of THC is still a concern for you, don’t worry – you can still reap the benefits of CBD! Simply look for products labeled “broad-spectrum,” which is the retailer’s way of telling you that they removed those tiny traces of THC and your product is considered “THC-free.” This added peace of mind is comforting and is an attractive option for many.


While you’ve probably heard about CBD, not everyone knows enough about it to feel comfortable giving it a try.


Shopping for High-Quality CBD

Now that the main myths about CBD are cleared up, you or a loved one may be interested in giving it a try. When you take that leap and decide to invest in yourself, be sure to only spend your hard-earned money on a product that is guaranteed to be effective or your money back! There are plenty of generic CBD options in stores and online, but the most reputable brands will not only take your money, they should offer you an enjoyable, well-rounded experience.

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we are invested in you and your wellness. We are passionate about hemp and CBD because we have seen firsthand how high-quality CBD can impact day-to-day life. Our mission is to share our experience, educate our customers so they can make the best health and wellness decisions, and provide industry-leading, cutting-edge CBD products to enhance the lives of our family of customers. We offer several safe, potent CBD products in our unique inventory, including numerous premium full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options to meet your needs and preferences.

We also provide personalized, supportive customer service, always ready and eager to answer your questions. When it comes to your health (or the well-being of a loved one), no question is silly or too small. CBD beginners and longtime users alike agree that, when you contact us, it’s a safe place to learn about CBD and hemp and receive support. We know that loving, engaging parents want to protect their families at all costs, and we aim to provide you with all of the information you need to feel at ease while doing so.

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