The Hemp Doctor has the newest and most exciting cannabinoids on the market. That means that if you are looking for THC-O, we’ve got it for you.

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Have you heard? Hemp-Derived THC-O Acetate is the newest cannabinoid gaining popularity due to its unique effects and strength, and is now available in 1ml vape carts.

The Hemp Doctor’s THC-O Acetate is made with the superior compounds from our Delta 8 THC, producing the highest quality THC-O available. Its makeup is much more viscous than Delta 8 THC oil, similar to CBD or CBN distillate.  The pull is smooth with no burn, but be careful, it’s a creeper!  For some, it may take up to 30 minutes before the effects begin to kick in, so be patient and don’t overdo it.  This product can be as much as 3 times more potent than delta 8 or delta 9.


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