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D8 THC Live Resin Vape Cart

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Live Resin is an ultra premium hemp terpene line.

Fresh, live flowers processed immediately after harvest

Using cannabis derived terpenes, blended with our 90%+ Delta 8 distillate, each inhalation will be a “big hit” for all those seeking a true cannabis flavor.

The steam distillation process is unique and unlike anything else on the market. This process allows for the Live Resin product to be controlled from seed to finished product.

Chemovars backcrossed for the removal of THC while maintaining a unique flavor pro­file. Only the best phenotypes are chosen.

Thousands of plants were bred, across hundreds of strains, to capture compliant material with a unique and memorable flower smell.

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23 reviews for D8 THC Live Resin Vape Cart

  1. branndragon (verified owner)

    I grabbed a Maui Wowie when it was on sale, and wish I would have bought more while the price was lower. I was thinking, "OK, this is going to be just another D8 vape cart." But I was pleasantly surprised! The flavor was on par with the full Delta 9 carts. Effects were great too. I've jumped around, bought the $10 dollar carts, and I've bought the $45+ dollar carts too. This live resin cart that I bought was probably the best one I've tried.

  2. James (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! The flavor of the
    GG#4 is definitely vibrant! A very powerful fresh plant taste unlike any cart I've had from any company. It also gives very nice and powerfully reaxing mental and physical effects. I highly recommend it!

  3. David (verified owner)

    Great cart. Good flavor and a good high that isn’t too intense. Very work friendly, I am able to keep my focus and not burn out.

  4. Lynn (verified owner)

    OG kush is NOT disappointing! The flavor brings me back. (Original Gangster) 😎very lovely aroma!! Been enjoying this with my night time routine to distress.

  5. Tipton Braswell

    Been coming to hemp doctor regularly for a year now and they never fail to impress with quality. And now live resin! Wow! Just WOW! I tried the Granddaddy purple Live Resin and it is so smooth! The perfect late night strain to feel calm blissful and anxiety free. Will definitely be buying again. Thanks Hemp Doctor ❤️ Client for life

  6. Laurie Willaman (verified owner)

    I got these for my husband to try and he just loves it he's got the bubba Kush and it and Maui wowie or his two favorite flavors he likes it so much that I'm going to get me one you will not be disappointed believe me they are so worth the money

  7. Natasha

    Great so far. I got the GG#4, I usually like that strain (hemp or cannabis), especially when it's more hybrid leaning (I have severe migraines and chronic pain, hoping this new cart will help me more). I combine basically all available cannabinoids for my own entourage effect, but this is only my 3rd live resin type cart. It is different than the regular carts, smoother for sure. I'm very excited to use it with more combos and find the right amount. I think I'm about to purchase another live resin cart now, highly recommend!

  8. jeffman

    Live resin is legit! I tried the grandaddy purple and was very impressed. Gonna order more.

  9. mike

    Only reason im giving it a 4 is because when i suck the vape pen its sucking up the oil all the way to the mouth piece and gets clogged from that. Taste and the mid high is great but the clogging is a pain.

  10. Xavier Tennar

    This is gonna be a lengthy review and I apologize in advance. I first started getting regular delta 8 hemp doctor carts at my local smoke shop and they happened to hit the hardest out of all other brands I’ve tried. (flying monkey, Delta Extrax, Terpnation, etc.) I love trying different strains so I eventually had to order the ones I wanted. First time I ordered from HempDoc was simple and fast, plus they added in a little snack for me lol. This is my second time around and I’ve been wanting to try these Live Resin carts because I wanted something with that nice plant taste… ended up seeing that they have a really good bundle deal on 3 packs. So I decided on Durban Poison, Granddaddy Purp, and GG#4 and I have to say I’m writing this after giving them all one big taste test and I’m very pleased! I was expecting something that tastes like Delta 9 flower but It tastes more like a nice Delta 8 flower and I’m okay with with that. All of them are unique in flavor… seems like GG#4 hit the hardest with the most flavor but time will tell, I love them all! Thanks HempDoc for being the bees knees and having affordable prices with free shipping and it was on my door step 2 days early! You rock! Also thanks for my extra lil sampler this time around, I’ll be ordering again soon.

  11. Zack Hanebrink (verified owner)

    These are amazing! The taste is incredible, the best I've tried. Surprisingly smooth too. Effects are solid as well, stronger than I anticipated, which is welcomed! Definitely buying these on the regular.

  12. Angel Vazquez (verified owner)

    I got me various flavors, Pineapple Express and is super awesome, now I just received the live Resin and is like you are really smoking the true cannabis flower is amazing! and white widow will try it after I’m done with the live resin.

  13. Nick Stollings (verified owner)

    I'm very impressed with the overall quality of these carts. They taste great and provide amazing effects. So far I've used OG Kush and GG #4 as I am a fan of hybrid, and these do not disappoint. I recommend these 100% to anyone looking for a great D8 cart!

  14. Gadis (verified owner)

    The OG Kush live resin gives you a great earthy flavor and of course what you come to expect from the Hemp Doctors delta 8 products it is definitely worth putting on the list of things to try.

  15. Ronald Rosa (verified owner)

    Ordered the GG just to try it. Effects were good but the taste was not good to me. Kind of tasted like stems with almost a perfume. Barely smoked any of it and will only use it if need be.

  16. Noah Derb (verified owner)

    Got the gg#4 and the taste is spot on for sure, it's high quality for sure and they threw in a little freebie which got me excited. 10/10

  17. Caleb Parrish

    Best delta 8 cart out there regular distillate delta 8 thc is harsh on it’s on! But with these it’s like smoking a real high quality delta 9 cart but not as strong. Tastes are spot on an the highs are different depending on the strain!

  18. mike smith

    If you're looking for something quick and easy with amazing flavors look no farther. These carts will hit hard and taste great. And last so long. Worth every penny highly recommend

  19. Ron E (verified owner)

    Nice, these are just about the best carts I've tried yet! Tried the DDP and the OG, flavors are pretty much spot on. They taste like weed, some places are to bizzare on the taste. Be buying more of these.

  20. kraze7997@gmail.com

    Been going here for a while now, definitely the best delta 8 products I've tried so far

  21. Kevin Butler (verified owner)

    I've been getting these regularily now and am still trying to pick a favorite, it's all great – you just can't go wrong with the hemp doctor.

  22. Robert (verified owner)

    Ok got my live resin Vapes today so the gorilla glue is okay but the OG Kush tasted really good looking forward to trying more stuff from the hemp doctor

  23. Robert smoke (verified owner)

    Ok got my live resin Vapes today so the gorilla glue is okay but the OG Kush tasted really good looking forward to trying more stuff from the hemp doctor

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Looking for a cannabis product with a true cannabis flavor? Let us introduce The Hemp Doctor’s D8 THC Live Resin Vape Cart. Each cartridge contains 1 milliliter of our 90%+ Delta 8 THC distillate, which packs a blend of cannabis-derived terpenes. This full spectrum concentrate derives from a fresh hemp flower that has just been harvested to preserve its flavor profile. Using a steam distillation process to capture each cultivar’s unique flavor and aroma for an unforgettable experience. Choose from various cultivars like Durban Poison, GG #4, Grand Daddy Purps, Maui Wowie, and OG Kush varieties. It’s easy to see how these Live Resin vapes have become a fan favorite with consumers. Shop our selection of Delta 8 thc carts today.

Concentrated products, including D8 distillate, can be very potent. The effects of inhaled products can be felt within a few minutes and can last for a few hours, depending on your tolerance. Our live resin products do contain a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC and are federally compliant. Each of our formulations is third-party lab tested to verify their quality and potency.

Do NOT drive or operate heavy machinery if intoxicated; consume with moderation and enjoy responsibly.

Bundle the vapes and save.

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This shop has a vast knowledge of what they are selling and how to use it properly. […] The Hemp Doctor is there to honestly help you. I am very Thankful they opened their doors!

~ Diane