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500mg D8 Koko Nuggz


Un-plug with our D8 Koko Nuggz. Try these full spectrum Delta 8 THC flower chocolate-covered cereal treats for a convenient and fun way to relax your mind. Our hemp-derived edibles have 10 pieces (60gm or 2.1oz) in each jar and contain 50mg of D8 per piece, for a total of 500mg. These edibles feature five classic flavors – Cookie Dough, Cereal Milk, Pink Runtz, Birthday Cake, and Cookies and Cream. They offer a crispy texture that will bring you back to your younger days. These nuggz are the perfect format to share with other consenting adults! Satisfy your craving for D8 edibles and shop at The Hemp Doctor today.

DO NOT EXCEED THE RECOMMENDED USE. This formulation can produce mild intoxication, depending on your tolerance. For new users, it may cause a more intense experience. Thus, we recommend having ¼ of a piece or less as a starting dose. The onset time can be, on average, 30 minutes or more, with the effects lasting for several hours. This product may cause an intense experience for new users. Store your product securely away from children and animals.

The Hemp Doctor offers federally compliant products containing a maximum of 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. Our D8 is proudly cultivated in the US using organic practices. Each formulation is lab tested for quality.

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Organically Grown
Made in USA
Fast Absorbtion
Full Spectrum