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Healthy skin is something we all want, but sometimes struggle to achieve. The idea sounds much easier in theory than in practice. One might think that if you buy expensive skincare products and use them regularly, your skin will look great and you won’t have to worry. Unfortunately, it really isn’t that simple. The products you use do play a role in your skin’s health, but so do other things. Your diet, your genetic disposition, your allergies, and even pollutants you might not realize you get exposed to on a daily basis – these things all contribute to your skin tone, texture, elasticity, and overall health.

To unlock the secret to great skin, there are a few important considerations. Here are the top three tips for achieving beautiful, youthful skin naturally!


Three Skin-Invigorating Tips

1. Drink more water!

Yes, we started with an easy one. You have probably heard that drinking more water is good for your skin, but hearing things like that in passing might not be enough to convince you. We thought we would explain why water is so important for your skin, because learning why tends to be a much better motivator.

First, it’s important to remember that your skin is the largest organ you have. Not your brain, not your heart, not your liver – your skin. Just like the rest of the amazing human body, the skin has plenty of natural systems in place working to keep it healthy, but there’s a lot we can do to support those natural systems so that they perform optimally. Drinking water is one of them. In the same way that feeling dehydrated leads to sleepiness, headaches, and fatigue, when your skin is not hydrated enough, it exhibits symptoms of distress as well. It dries, cracks, gets crepey, sags, loses its healthy tone and texture, gets discolored and dull, and much more! Additionally, not drinking enough water on a regular basis actually makes you look older. As much as we love our elders, we don’t want to take the fast track to older skin, do we? Here are a couple of action items to help you focus on staying hydrated.

  • When you notice that you’re feeling really thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Try drinking water on a regular basis even when you aren’t feeling exceptionally thirsty. Your skin will thank you!
  • Take notice of how many sugary beverages you consume daily, and aim to replace some of them with pure water. Many sodas, juices, and energy drinks are dense with processed sugar, and they are not hydrating you well.



2. Take note of what you eat, and how your skin reacts to it.

It can sometimes be a challenge to draw a connection between what you eat and how it affects your skin. That’s because you often don’t feel a direct consequence. For example, many people quickly realize that certain food makes their stomach hurt or triggers an allergic reaction. Naturally, people stay away from those foods as soon as they come to that realization.

When it comes to skin health, though, it’s more difficult. For some, eating too many salty foods leads to a dry complexion, while eating greasy or sugary foods leads to oily skin and breakouts. Because everyone is different, it helps to pay attention to what you eat and keep an eye on your skin for a few days after. Some action items include:

  • Try to reboot your diet for a week. Cut out processed foods and foods high in preservatives, sodium, and artificial sugars. There’s a good chance you will notice a difference after that week!
  • Consider adding more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, so you can provide your skin with a boost of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants.


Healthy skin is something we all want, but sometimes struggle to achieve. The idea sounds much easier in theory than in practice.


3. Don’t forget to moisturize!

Sometimes we forget to think about our skin. We are completely covered in it, so it’s easy to forget that we might need to pay attention to all of it. When was the last time you put a moisturizer on your feet? How about your knees? Your neck and chest? Yeah, that’s what we thought. We understand! It’s easy to forget! However, not putting on moisturizer can definitely hinder your skin’s health and appearance.

When you nourish the skin on your face, neck, chest, and other areas of the body, you are helping prevent signs of aging while supporting healthy elasticity, tone, and texture. If you want a healthy, radiant complexion, here are the most important action items to get you there:

  • Find a moisturizer you like, and keep it with you. Have one by your bed, one in your gym bag, and one near other hygiene items you use after a shower. If necessary, set a reminder on your phone to help you remember to apply your lotion or cream to your body before you head to bed. Consistency is key!
  • Read the ingredient list first! If you use a product that contains unnatural, chemical-based ingredients, you could be causing your skin more harm than good. Look for products containing natural, organic ingredients without anything unwanted or unnecessary in the bottle.
  • Try a dynamic, plant-derived skincare product capable of delivering far-reaching benefits! Lately, CBD-infused skincare products are making an impression on individuals who love natural, effective solutions. When purchased from a trustworthy retailer like The Hemp Doctor, the multiplied benefits allow you to nourish your skin as well as provide it relief from irritated skin, uncomfortable muscles, tender joints, and more! The result is unparalleled.

CBD: A Treat for Your Skin

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