Here at The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp and CBD Dispensary, we know that Jacksonville is a vibrant, active community. We also know that there are many in Jacksonville who are actively seeking to improve their overall health and wellness. That is why we are proud to let the Jacksonville community know about the full line of CBD products that we offer – products that are designed to do exactly that: enhance your overall health and wellness in a safe and natural way.

At The Hemp Doctor, we believe that you deserve to be the best version of yourself. We know that this means having the health and energy you need to make the most of each day. We also firmly believe that our products can help you to do that, and we would be honored to be a part of a new chapter in your health story.

The Facts about CBD

While we realize that many have heard about CBD, which has certainly been a recent buzzword in the health and wellness community lately, we also realize that many may remain skeptical of whether that buzz is warranted. Others may simply not know very much about it and want to learn more. This is entirely understandable. It is important to be well informed, particularly when it comes to something as personal as your health. It has been our experience that those who care deeply about their health and wellness want to know the facts and the truth about the supplements that they are considering. At The Hemp Doctor, we are proud to provide that information along with a skilled team of CBD specialists who can answer additional questions and help you to find the products that are the best fit for your needs.

Ironically, for a product that is all the recent rage, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is actually sourced from the cannabis or hemp plant. This plant has been used by people in helpful and productive ways for thousands of years. Whether used to make paper, plastic, clothing, or even fuel, people have long recognized the tremendous benefits that the hemp plant provides. CBD is another of those many benefits. Sourced directly from the cannabis plant, CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids that the plant produces.

The cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant interact directly with the endocannabinoid system already present in our bodies. Many are unaware that the endocannabinoid system even exists, but in fact, it is critically important to maintaining the homeostasis of our bodies. It acts as a sort of balancing scale for other internal processes, making sure that we don’t have too much of one thing or the other, and instead, remain in that “just right” zone. The endocannabinoid system helps to regulate things like temperature, metabolism, and production of neurotransmitters and hormones, among other key functions.

The endocannabinoid system essentially operates through a system of receptors located throughout the body. Each receptor has a different function. Cannabinoids like CBD interact directly with those receptors to produce positive effects in our bodies. Thus, we can think of CBD almost as a “helping hand” for the systems already hard at work within, helping to ensure that our bodies and essential processes are functioning at an optimal level.

What Benefits Can CBD Offer?

As it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, CBD helps to produce a number of beneficial effects and can be used to treat any number of conditions. Some of the most common uses of CBD include:

  • Relief from Chronic and Acute Pain: Some of us struggle with acute pain caused by a recent injury. Others struggle from chronic pain – whether from an injury that simply won’t heal or from a chronic condition like arthritis or lupus. In cases of both acute and chronic pain, our CBD oil in Jacksonville, FL can help by interacting with ECS receptors to reduce inflammation and, in turn, to reduce pain.
  • Treating a Number of Common Conditions: CBD has also been proven to treat a number of common conditions, such as sleeplessness and acne, and can encourage greater heart health, too. Even better, more beneficial effects on common conditions are being discovered constantly.
  • Treating Symptoms of Serious, Chronic Diseases: While CBD can’t cure diseases like cancer or conditions like epilepsy, it has been shown to provide significant benefits in treating the symptoms of those diseases. In epileptic patients, it has been shown to reduce the length and frequency of seizures. And in cancer patients, it has been shown to help significantly to relieve symptoms like pain, nausea, and difficulty sleeping – to name only a few.
  • Helping with Mental Health Issues: Many people struggle with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. CBD has proven to be very helpful with these conditions as it serves to help the ECS system regulate the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These are responsible for helping us to maintain our sense of calm and well-being, and which counteract the stressful feelings of anxiety.

Truly, the benefits of using our CBD oil in Jacksonville, FL are many, and scientists and medical researchers are discovering new benefits all the time.

Does CBD Cause Any Side Effects?

Often, people who are interested in taking CBD products are drawn to CBD because it is a natural alternative to prescription medications, which can often be habit-forming and can have any number of unwanted negative side-effects. While it is true that CBD has far fewer side-effects than many prescription medications, it is understandable to want to be informed about any side-effects that may potentially exist.

The good news is that, to date, the research conducted regarding CBD and its interaction with the body indicates that the side-effects are fairly minimal. Some people may briefly experience nausea, dry mouth, or feelings of drowsiness. Fortunately, however, these effects can generally be remedied by adjusting the daily dosage of CBD being taken.

In addition to the fact that CBD use has very few side-effects, another positive factor of its use is that numerous studies have proven it to be a non-addictive substance. Certainly, this is quite different from many prescription medications on the market today, which often carry significant addiction risks. As a result, those who use our CBD products can do so with the peace of mind in knowing that they are making a choice that is both good for their health and safe for long-term use.

Why Choose The Hemp Doctor?

We realize that when it comes to CBD, just as with any product, you have plenty of choices. We believe that your business should be earned, and we strive to do that by providing only the purest, most potent CBD products at reasonable prices. We can guarantee that our products are pure and potent because we place our focus on quality from the ground up. Our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp is grown in the fertile, nutrient-rich soils of North Carolina and Colorado, using 100% organic farming methods and high-tech extraction technology. All of our products are lab tested, with a focus on ensuring that they contain the beneficial terpenes and phytocannabinoids that are beneficial to your health without the harmful solvents, pesticides, metals, and other chemicals that aren’t. We believe that you deserve a high-quality product, and we strive each day to provide it.

At The Hemp Doctor, we also realize that some of our customers associate the cannabis plant with marijuana. And whether for religious or personal reasons, they want to be sure that they are not consuming THC, which is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. This is entirely understandable. It is important to note that the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are actually two different varieties of cannabis. Our CBD is extracted from the phytocannabinoid rich hemp plant, which has significantly lower levels of THC than the marijuana plant. Thus, like THC, our CBD has medicinal qualities. But unlike THC, our CBD has no psychoactive effects. We are proud to offer our customers a ph0% THC free line of products for those who want the health benefits of CBD as well as peace of mind.

Each person is unique and, of course, has their own personal health journey and individual health needs. At The Hemp Doctor, we feel confident that there is a product for each person that will provide health benefits on any number of levels. We would love the opportunity to talk more about your unique needs and health goals and to recommend a product or combination of products that might be a good fit.

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