Believe it or not, Washington State has a lengthy cannabis history since it’s one of the few states in which the cannabis market flourished despite the plant’s illegal status.

This has turned Washington State into a hemp enthusiast’s heaven, especially for those who enjoy CBD products. Washington is friendly when it comes to cannabinoids and cannabidiols, which is why we extend our product offer and shipping options to Washington state.

Looking to Buy Hemp In Washington?

Washington was the first state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for its residents, as long as the cannabis or hemp, and their derivatives, were obtained from state-licensed dispensaries and retailers. All of this took place before the Farm Bill of 2018, a time when hemp wasn’t fully legal in Washington.

The state has since updated its rules and regulations regarding hemp and cannabis products. Below is a list of products The Hemp Doctor ships Hemp in Washington State.

CBD (Broad and Full-spectrum)

Washington law is far less restrictive when it comes to CBD products than other states, which have strict regulations regarding CBD. CBD products are legal in Washington regardless of whether it is hemp-derived CBD or marijuana-derived CBD. This has led to a flourishing market with a wide variety of choices for customers.

If you’re looking to buy CBD productions of exceptional quality, contact The Hemp Doctor. We offer a wide range of CBD and full-spectrum CBD products, including CBD pre-rolls, CBD flowers, vapes, vape cartridges, CBD oils, and other distillates, topicals, and finally, CBD edibles, such as CBD gummies.

All products are available as individual purchases in bulk qualities at discount prices for businesses. However, it’s important to know that loose CBD laws often lead to misleading labels, and your CBD product might contain a higher amount of THC than advertised. Exercise caution when trying out new products.

Delta-9 THC

State law has not only made CBD legal but has also legalized adult use of cannabis. All Delta-9 THC products are legal according to state law, regardless of the THC concentration levels within the product itself.

Thus we offer all the usual products that contain plenty of Delta-9 THC, including pre-rolls, flowers, oils, tinctures, distillates, topicals, vapes, vape cartridges, salves, and many other products. All of these are available for individual or bulk purchase—the latter is usually purchased by businesses at discount prices.


HHC is relatively new to the market and completely legal in Washington State.

On the other hand, The Hemp Doctor offers a safer lab-tested, high-quality HHC gained from industrial hemp. The line of products includes HHC flowers, vapes, vape cartridges, as well as oils, distillates, and even edibles. The product is available for bulk purchase and shipping to Washington State.

Delta-8 THC

Despite marijuana legalization and the widespread availability of recreational hemp in Washington state, some enthusiasts might prefer something a bit more mellow, and that’s where the Delta-8 THC comes in. It’s an isomer of Delta-9 THC, with a nearly identical chemical structure that often produces the same euphoric high as Delta-9 THC, though at a much lower intensity.

The most important thing about Delta-8 THC is that it’s federally legal. This is very significant as it allows for easier transport and shipping of Delta-8 THC products. The product line includes all the most popular forms of cannabis and hemp herbs, like flowers, salves, vapes, oils, edibles, and so on.

It’s worth noting that only a few states have banned Delta-8 THC due to being an isomer of Delta-9 THC. This also includes New York state—a state in which recreational use and possession of Delta-9 THC is legal.

What Are The Laws With Hemp In Washington State?

The hemp production, processing, and sale of hemp in Washington State is regulated by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). Both cultivators and processors have required licensing by the department, which has prescribed that the state laws follow the federal guidelines established by the Farm Bill of 2018.

This means that CBD products in Washington State shouldn’t have more than 0.3% of THC, as prescribed by federal law. However, these regulations are rarely enforced, and you might end up buying a product with a higher THC content unless you’re careful.

When it comes to possession, there’s no limit on hemp and CBD products, but you may possess up to one ounce of marijuana if you’re an adult over 21. In contrast, the laws regarding medical marijuana have remained unchanged.

How To Enjoy Hemp In Washington

There are numerous opportunities to enjoy hemp in the Evergreen State thanks to the state’s many breathtaking sights. You can enjoy a picnic at the Mount Rainier National Park and immerse yourself in nature’s serenity while enjoying a cup of hemp tea.

Suppose you’re in the mood for hemp-enhanced sunsets. In that case, you can take a stroll down Alki Beach in West Seattle while enjoying a taste of delicious hemp-infused treats or enjoy the salty breeze of Puget Sound. At the same time, the city’s skyline forms a perfect background for you to marvel at while enjoying savoring your evening snack.

On the other hand, an urban adventure in Seattle—where we also ship our goods—wouldn’t be complete without exploring Capitol Hill, well-known for Hemposium. This annual hemp-themed festival offers hemp food tasting, live music, educational exhibits, and genuine cultural immersion.

And finally, all hemp enthusiasts exploring hemp in Washington State should visit the Olympic National Park—a UNESCO World Heritage site—and enjoy the panoramic views from Hurricane Ridge while enjoying their favorite hemp product.

Buy Hemp In Washington State Now

If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality CBD products, such as hemp-derived CBD oil, don’t hesitate to contact The Hemp Doctor. Our company offers an extensive collection of CBD products in their most popular consumption forms and ships them out to all the major cities in Washington state.