Special Sauce


This hemp flower has an exotic scent of astringent berries and, when broken apart, it provides notes of candy, grape, caramel, and a bit of skunk. Full-spectrum Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is incredibly smooth and flavorful, offering a taste that is otherworldly. Known for its ability to ease discomfort, it brings motivation to the mind while its effect is calming and relieving.

CBDa 20.44%

Total Cannabinoids 22.58%

Full Spectrum


Lab Tested


Certified Kosher


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30 Day Money-back Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower & Prerolls (Joints)

Every moment spent enjoying the many benefits of this delightful hemp flower is a gift you give yourself. People are often seeking all-natural ways to relieve the numerous bodily discomforts that come as a result of being busy at home, at work, with friends, and in the community. We push our minds and bodies to their limit on a daily basis, and with so many products making bold promises to soothe us, it can be overwhelming. Well, look no further! The smooth, satisfying Special Sauce CBD hemp flower & prerolls (joints) will quickly provide the calming relief you are seeking while offering a one-of-a-kind flavor sensation. With numerous different size options and a convenient preroll (joint) available for purchase, you can stock up on this powerful, effective product so you will always have it on hand when a rough day calls for a trusted solution that works.

All Hemp Is Not Created Equally

Just like with so many things in life, the details matter. All hemp is not created equally, because not everyone adheres to the same exact cultivation and production process. Some choose to cut corners and put quantity over quality, but not us. At The Hemp Doctor, we never compromise on quality – not for any reason. We know that our loyal customers keep coming back because we never waver from the promise of excellent, 100% organically processed products. From seed to shelf, we stand by our premium products ‒ including our wildly popular CBD hemp flower and joints ‒ and with our satisfaction guarantee, we make sure you are happy with your entire experience with us. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will promptly make it right.

Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Q: Are CBD and marijuana the same thing? 

A: No, the two substances are not the same. While CBD is the genetic cousin of marijuana and they are both from the cannabis plant, the two substances have some drastically different qualities, clearly distinguishing them from one another. Marijuana naturally contains higher levels of THC – the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects. CBD does naturally contain THC as well, however, the levels are significantly lower. Additionally, many CBD products are being filtered, removing all detectible traces of THC. This allows customers to experience the benefits of CBD, but also the peace of mind in knowing that their products do not contain any unwanted compounds.

After the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the sale of CBD products containing THC levels of .3% or less became legal across the United States. Businesses began creating and selling broad-spectrum (THC-free) and full-spectrum (no more than .3% THC) CBD products, and consumers have never been happier at the health and wellness results they are experiencing.

Q: What should I do if I’m not experiencing the results I expected?

A: Most people report that they feel near-immediate effects upon using their CBD product of choice. For some, however, they may not achieve their desired results immediately. Don’t worry! There are many potential reasons for this. First and foremost, it’s important to take a close look at your dosage and make adjustments when it seems appropriate. Because every single body is different, there is no magical dosage that works for everyone. This means that you should listen to your body and make small adjustments to your dosage until you find what works for you. Of course, we suggest following the instructions on the label first and taking proper precautions when trying anything new.

Q: How do I know I’m getting a quality CBD product?

A: Since hemp-derived CBD products became legal in 2018 by the passage of The Farm Bill, the CBD market has become flooded with products from all over the world. This is because this all-natural wellness supplement has caught the attention of health-conscious individuals who can’t seem to get enough of this wonderful product. However, because this is a health and wellness supplement that is physically taken either orally or topically, you have to be careful to find a premium retailer that carries a CBD inventory that you can have confidence in. Here are some of the things that you want to look for when shopping for CBD:

  • Be sure that the hemp, from which the CBD is derived, is grown in the United States. The U.S. has stringent farming regulations by which the growers of hemp have to adhere. Some other countries do not have the same quality control as the U.S. government exercises over the farmers here in America. If the hemp was grown in a country without the same strict regulations, the growers may have used pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the growing process.
  • Be sure that the hemp is processed using state-of-the-art technology. Be sure that the hemp-based CBD product that you are considering has been produced by using scientifically-advanced methods of extraction. Methods, such as the use of supercritical CO2 extraction, will properly extract all of the helpful compounds like CBD, CBG, terpenes, and flavonoids while eliminating harmful substances like solvents and heavy metals.
  • Check the provider’s website for important information. A premium retailer of CBD products will have a website that is full of helpful information. You should be able to learn about the company; their processes for growing, extracting, and refining their CBD products; and other important information as well as convenient ways for you to ask additional questions.
  • Look to make sure that the retailer’s products are lab tested. Premium retailers – like The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary – with quality CBD products will have their offerings lab tested by a third-party laboratory. In addition, they will post the findings for each batch right on their website. This is the only way you can be absolutely sure that what is on the label is actually what is in the product.
  • Be sure that the CBD you are purchasing is legal to use in the United States. The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp-based products federally legal to purchase and consume in the U.S. However, that product must contain no more than .3% THC. If the brand that you are considering does not provide third-party testing for each and every batch of their product, then you can’t be sure that what is on the label is actually what is in the product. Therefore, you could unknowingly be using a CBD wellness solution that has a higher level of TCH than is allowed by law.

You may also wish to try a different type of CBD product to see if there is a better fit for your needs. The Hemp Doctor’s scientifically advanced, proprietary water-soluble formula in our softgels and tinctures, for example, deliver the desired benefits up to four times faster than our competitors who don’t use such advanced production methods – so those may be an appealing alternative to sample.

If you are feeling unsure, we are always available to answer your questions and provide personalized recommendations for you.

Pure, Effective  Products = Happy Customers

At The Hemp Doctor, we care about the quality of every product we offer and we care about you and your health and wellness journey ‒ so it’s important to us that you only receive the best. Our products are gluten-free and kosher, and we take the additional detailed measure of removing trace amounts of unwanted, waxes and chlorophyll, guaranteeing that the final product contains only pure, fast-acting ingredients.

It is also our passion to connect with customers, partnering with each individual as they embark on their own personal journey with hemp and CBD products. Whether you have questions about a product, like our Special Sauce CBD hemp flower & prerolls (joints), or you are simply curious about our technologically advanced production process, or if you are seeking personalized recommendations, our exceptional customer service will meet (and exceed) your expectations. We encourage you to reach out by calling, emailing us using our “Contact Us” link on our website, or visit us in person at our Mooresville, NC store. We can’t wait to meet you!

What Our Clients Say


Very informative, clean and most of all knowledgeable. They even sell for pets. So grateful they decided to open. It’s hard to find clean and pureCBD Hemp oil made from all from organic materials and from Colorado . The owner and the staff are very personable and nice. I highly recommend them.

~ Mary Ann