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Kayo Rapid Release Gummies


Our Rapid Release, dispensary grade THC Blended gummies provide an overall sense of wellbeing for those looking for a full body high. Using Nano technology (water soluble) we created a fast acting, super full spectrum gummy. No need to wait 90 minutes or longer for the effects you desire. Our Nano-emulsified gummies start acting within minutes, and peak within 60 minutes, but get ready, they can creep up. Available in, Orange Zest, Sour Apple, and Sour Cherry Lime.

2-packs available soon

*Results will vary depending on tolerance levels

Each piece contains:
15mg D9 THC
1.5 mg THCV
5.3mg CBG
5.3mg CBN
2.8mg CBC

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Experience a revolutionary product with The Hemp Doctor’s Kayo Rapid Release Nano THC Gummies – the ultimate combination of flavor and wellness in every delectable bite! These gummies have been crafted using premium-quality delta 9 THC, THCV, CBG, CBN, and CBC. But what makes these gummies different from the others? The secret lies in the advanced technology that has been used to make them – Nano technology.

Nano technology has taken the world by storm, and its benefits are now available in these THC gummies. By making the THC particles smaller, these gummies are more efficient and effective in delivering their wellness benefits. Thanks to Nano technology, the THC particles are absorbed into the body much more quickly, which means you don’t have to wait long to feel the effects.

But that’s not all. Nano technology also ensures that the effects of the THC are long-lasting, with a slower breakdown of the particles in the body. This means that the gummies can provide a sustained and reliable effect, without the sharp peaks and dips that are often associated with other edibles. If you’re looking for a product that delivers the perfect balance of flavor and wellness, you’ve found it with The Hemp Doctor’s Kayo Rapid Release Nano THC Gummies.

Benefits of Nano THC Gummies

Fast Acting: For those seeking a quicker experience, Kayo Rapid Release Nano THC Gummies has you covered! These fantastic little treats contain special nanoparticles that make them absorb into your system faster, so you can begin feeling their effects in no time. Depending on how fast your metabolism is and other individual factors like tolerance levels, you could be reaping all the benefits of these delicious delights within just 15-45 minutes – now that’s speedy satisfaction!

Long-Lasting Effects: Kayo Rapid Release Nano THC Gummies offer an unbeatable experience – savor their effects for much longer than with other forms of THC. A lasting high that won’t disappoint!

Tasty: Looking for a delicious way to get your THC? Look no more! Kayo Rapid Release Nano THC Gummies come in three heavenly flavors – Orange Zest, Sour Apple, and Sour Cherry Lime. Treat yourself today with one of these tasty treats!

Easy to Dose: These delicious Nano THC gummies are the perfect way to manage your dosage and keep track of your intake. Enjoy hassle-free hemp-derived THC consumption!

How Nano THC Gummies could make you feel

The effects of Nano THC gummies can vary from person to person, as they depend on numerous factors such as body weight, metabolism, and tolerance levels. However, generally speaking, Nano THC gummies are known to elicit a relaxing and calming effect that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. They can also provide a gentle euphoria and a boost in mood, which is why many people enjoy consuming them socially or during creative activities. Along with these benefits, nano technology ensures that the effects of THC are felt more quickly and last longer, providing a smoother and more consistent experience overall. As with all THC products, it’s essential to start with a low dosage and to consume responsibly.

How long does it take to feel the effects of Kayo Rapid Release Gummies?

Get ready to feel the effects of Kayo Rapid Release Gummies in no time! Your body’s metabolism and dosage are key factors but you will usually begin feeling results within 15 to 45 minutes after taking.

Lab Results

Orange Zest – Lab Results

Sour Apple – Lab Results

Sour Cherry Lime – Lab Results

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Organically Grown
Made in USA
Fast Absorbtion
Full Spectrum