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Delta-8 Hemp Derived THC 1ml Glass Syringe

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These GLASS syringes are made with the same distillate used in our Delta 8 Vape Cartridge. Simply warm up the glass syringe (warm water is fine), then push out your desired amount into your carrier of choice…a nectar collector, or dab rig. Even top off your favorite bowl of flower, or preroll (Keep in mind…this is a distillate and is likely to be harsh when dabbed). What are you waiting for? Try our premium D8 THC glass syringes today!

Our current batch is testing at over 95% D-8 THC with the rest being CBG, CBD, and CBN. These 1ml premium THC Delta 8 syringes are derived from US grown hemp and are federally legal. Choose from Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, or Ghost Train Haze

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7 reviews for Delta-8 Hemp Derived THC 1ml Glass Syringe

  1. Carlos L (verified owner)

    Great addition. Top notch quality and flavor. I love the fast shipping. Thank you so much.

  2. Glenn Clark (verified owner)

    Once in a great while something actually meets the "hype". This is the case here, the Delta 8 THC is perfect for the user that wants more, but not too much more. Notable in its absence are the typical Delta 9 negative traits. In my opinion, your favorite flower with this Delta 8 is a combo which cannot be improved upon. Thanks!

  3. Brendan Frost (verified owner)

    Extremely high quality, delicious and effective! I got the classic GSC strain and the banana og–both are awesome. If you don't know GSC it's an excellent hybrid with a great combo of energy and cerebrality.

    This was my first experience with delta-8, and it has opened up new doors! As a regular dabber of delta-9 i can tell you this stuff goes toe to toe with ease. I think I actually may prefer delta-8. What's more, I can now go down the street and buy it at a local shop! And in fact I did, but this Hemp Doctor stuff is better quality (you can tell/taste the concentration is higher) so in the end I'm going to buy from here! Just an amazing concept!

    Also very awesome that it's liquid and ofc is decarboxylized and so can be used for virtually anything much more easily than your average BM wax–refill a cart, dab it or vape dab it, nectar collect it, put it under the tongue, add it to food, or my personal favorite–little extra at the end of the syringe after you pushed some out into your dabber? Go for an aperitif and lick it off! 🤓

    Thanks much.

  4. Maggie Marcinkiewicz (verified owner)

    I am consistently amazed at the potency of this product. The syringe definitely helps with dosage vs the cartridges because you can control how much you dab. A little goes a long way. Seriously incredible!!

  5. Pamela Haupt

    Awesome experience with my first order… Fresh and better quality than from local stores… Super customer service 😀

  6. Steve H (verified owner)

    The zkittlez is runnier than Ghost Train, it would be excellent to fill a cart with but is very difficult to work with otherwise. It is also delicious and feels incredible. It’s a great product

  7. Saythen Scurlock (verified owner)

    I love the glass syringe it’s so potent but so good at the same time. And it’s so convenient to refill my cartridge and it’s sneaks up on u, Ghost Train is exactly what it does. This is my first time buying a glass syringe & I got it on sale too. This is another BEST PURCHASE EVER!!! I LOVE THE HEMP DOCTOR. It helps with my depression & anxiety as well which I love sooooooo much. And gives me a great night sleep as well.

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Do not be fooled; this isn’t your typical syringe. Our Delta-8 Hemp Derived THC 1ml Glass Syringe contains high-grade premium distillate, with as much as 90% of D8 in each. We currently offer our D8 syringes in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid varieties. This translucent oil was made using a strict purification process and is considered the cleanest form available on the market. Find out what all the fuss is about and see which cultivars are available now below!

How should I use this D8 distillate? You can consume our premium distillate orally (by mixing it into a hot beverage) and add it to food-based edibles, vape, or dab. To dispense the oil, simply heat the syringe slightly using warm water, a hairdryer, etc. This formulation can cause intoxication. Most consumers will feel the onset within a few minutes, with the effects lasting only a few hours. It’s recommended to start with a small dose if you are new to D8.

Products made with hemp-derived D8, with a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC, are legal in the US. DO NOT operate any machinery or a vehicle while intoxicated. Please consume these products responsibly.

How Do I Use Delta-8 THC Distillate?

Oral Ingestion

Probably the easiest way to use our Delta-8 THC distillate is to simply ingest it. While this may be the simplest method of consumption, it is not as easy as it might seem. Unlike tinctures, which can be simply placed under the tongue and then swallowed, distillates are far too thick for that. If you were to place some distillate under your tongue, you would quickly find that your mouth was covered with a thick, very sticky resin that doesn’t dissolve easily! So just putting it into your mouth is not recommended. Instead, simply measure out your perfect dose onto a cracker, a piece of bread, or put it onto essentially any food item and eat the food. Mixing the distillate with food will prevent it from sticking all over your mouth and make it far easier to ingest. You could also dissolve the thick oil into your morning cup of coffee or other hot liquid. We would not recommend putting it into a cold beverage because the oil will not dissolve well.

Baking or Cooking

You can also put the oil into food that you are baking or cooking. In fact, many manufacturers use distillates when creating their line of infused edibles like gummy bears. You can do the same at home, but be sure to introduce the cannabinoids slowly and in low doses. The general rule of thumb is to begin with less than 5 milligrams Delta-8 THC per serving. After making your first batch, you can adjust the potency according to your personal preferences and taste.

Vaping and Dabbing

Vaping is another way of consuming distillates. The oil can be placed into a vape cartridge, which is then screwed into a vape battery. The cartridge and battery are often referred to as a vape pen because it is about the size of a pen that can easily fit into your pocket. The battery heats up the cartridge, which heats the oil, thereby allowing it to be vaporized and inhaled by the user. Vaping this way produces an almost odorless vapor – unless the oil has had flavoring added to it. The benefit of vaping over the ingestion methods mentioned above is that you get an almost instantaneous effect from your product.

Dabbing can also be used. Dabbing is similar to vaping, but instead of using a vape pen, you would heat up the distillate in a glass “nail,” which is an attachment for a bong or pipe. The oil is placed in the glass nail, heated with a small torch or lighter, and inhaled through the pipe.

Whichever method of ingestion you use, our premium distillates are one of the purest forms of Delta-8 THC you can get.

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This shop has a vast knowledge of what they are selling and how to use it properly. […] The Hemp Doctor is there to honestly help you. I am very Thankful they opened their doors!

~ Diane