Witches Brew Pre-Roll

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It’s no surprise Witches Brew is our number one selling CBD preroll.

If you are looking for an experience like no other, you are going to love our 1.25-gram Witches Brew Preroll! We’ve had some fun with this preroll and decided to combine 12, that’s right, 12 different hemp flower strains into one preroll. The effects of smoking this combination alone will be out of this world, as a full mixture of indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains all get thrown into one delightful cauldron. But we didn’t stop there. As we cackled and mixed our Brew, we added CBD kief and CBG kief to the cauldron. As we stirred, the heady aroma from the mixture alone delighted the senses. And once we sampled our Brew, we knew we had found something special.

When you try our Witches Brew, you, too, will be delighted by the unique aroma and flavor of this mixture of hemp flowers. And with its wide range of flowers and the added kief, this Brew boasts an unbelievable level of cannabinoids. You will feel our Witches Brew throughout your entire body as it brings on a state of relaxing euphoria while allowing you to function physically and mentally still. Our 1.25-gram Witches Brew preroll is a hemp flower combo that you have to try!

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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6 reviews for Witches Brew Pre-Roll

  1. Max (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Great product for an even better price, picked up 2 for Halloween and they were gone not too long after delivery!! 10/10 would recommend!

  2. Anthony (verified owner)

    Bought 1 to try it out, Fantastic, felt like I was floating on a cloud, will definitely buy again.

  3. dmonetted@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    I used this when I was having real hard and long lower back spasms due to my narrowing of my lower spine and decided to finally smoke this product and only after 5 , and immediately my spasms stopped so I will definitely order this product as a true .life saver!

  4. Donna M Davis (verified owner)

    I 1st ordered 2 to sample along w/some D-8 edibles and the pre-rolled I had a pretty fast relief after a few or so puffs and so, I used the 2 pre-rolleds sparingly and on my 2nd order, I ordered 4 and a few weeks later, on order #3, I ordered 10 of the pre-rolled and now after 2 weeks I am gearing up for an even larger qty of the pre-rolled because this one form of the Hemp extract is a multitude of different strains and I have had such a good/no actually "great" way that I can now only take one prescription tablet for my headaches and I only take it at bedtime and during my other awake hours are managed using the pre-rolled and I have discussed this positive aid w/less Rx pills for not only in stopping my severe Occipital Neuralgia Headaches but also when I have a spasm attack I can get it to stop within less than 15 to 20 mins smoking some of the pre-rolled.
    So, personally, I can't believe more people have not had the opportunity to sample what in my life I count as a miracle !!

  5. Sandra Curtis (verified owner)

    Definitely a favorite of mine.
    Love to have one just before bedtime. I sleep like a baby.

  6. Natasha (verified owner)

    Great combo of several strains, really like the idea and the effects were awesome. 1 pre-roll lasts me several days, easy to put out and light again later. I just found 1 I set aside months ago too, pretty cool. Everyone should try these.

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