HHC Moon Rocks

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The Hemp Doctor HHC Moon Rocks are the premium distillate that you’ve been waiting for. Our high potency Moon Rocks are coated in a strong extract, providing a smooth smoke and heightened sense of euphoria.  HHC Moon Rocks come in cherry runtz, unicorn piss, and maui wowie flavor; all of which provide the full spectrum hemp experience. Available in 3.5 gr or 7.5 gr sizes, our Moon Rocks will provide you with a psychoactive effect that lasts hours!

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3 reviews for HHC Moon Rocks

  1. Jay S (verified owner)

    Just wow. I'm astonished by the strength and quality. Hands down my favorite product at the moment from the hemp doc line up. Comparable in feeling and effect to full spectrum moon rocks. Hoping they continue to produce this wonderful blend, as I will continue to buy it.

  2. Rockhound (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised….slept like a baby….helped with “referred “pain due to back issues.

  3. rolando marroquin (verified owner)

    i was gonna write a review but i got high……..

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This shop has a vast knowledge of what they are selling and how to use it properly. […] The Hemp Doctor is there to honestly help you. I am very Thankful they opened their doors!

~ Diane