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Do you have a favorite ice cream? After all, it is one of the best comfort “foods” created, and sometimes we all need that little pick me up. Our choice is Gelato; With its bright orange and purple hues, it’s like scooping your favorite flavors into your “bowl”! Feel your worries melt away with each toke of this beautifully cultivated CBD Hemp Flower. Gelato comes with a nice and uplifting effect ‒ sure to put a smile on your face, just like a kid with their ice cream cone!

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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2 reviews for Gelato

  1. (verified owner)

    Wow. This stuff is straight fiiiire. The nose is creamy, dank fruit and the taste is the exact same with a hint of subtle pine. Can’t see anyone not liking this flower, it’s going in my top 5 for 2020 so far.

  2. Kristofer Pribble (verified owner)

    This flower smells amazing and I'm going to be putting up a press video on my YouTube it got 1.3 from the quarter which is a very good yielding strain that tastes amazing. Thanks the hemp doctor!

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    Gelato CBD Hemp Flower & Prerolls (Joints)

    Once your day is over and you feel ready to treat yourself to some much-needed relaxation, nothing may be more satisfying than a bowl of Gelato. Available in a gorgeous CBD hemp flower and convenient prerolls, you won’t be able to resist feeling good once you try it. With each puff, you will feel a cool sensation ‒ first gently in your mouth, then slowly down your throat ‒ you’ll feel both refreshed and supremely relaxed. The distinct, sweet flavors and aromas are enjoyed immediately with every inhale and exhale, and gradually you’ll begin to feel an airy sense of calmness overtaking your tired body. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the sweetness our Gelato CBD Hemp Flower & Prerolls (Joints) can deliver.

    Enjoy the Sweet Life with Gelato CBD Hemp Flower

    No need to put a cherry on top of this one, because the cherry is how you feel after you inhale this effortlessly sweet, gloriously relaxing flower or joint. This delightful CBD hemp flower is a well-known and well-loved fan favorite. It is not only tasty and powerful but this strand of hemp flower has royal hemp lineage. It is a seamless blend of everything sweet that you love about the Cookie family of hemp, perfectly intertwined with the Sherbinski lineage of hemp genetics. The Gelato CBD Hemp Flower & Prerolls (Joints) is as refreshing as a cool bowl of rich, creamy gelato, with none of the calories and guilt. This flavorful strain delivers everything sweet you deserve out of life in a few tasty, aromatic puffs.

    CBD Hemp Flower Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I still enjoy the benefits of hemp and CBD without smoking it? 

    A: Yes, you absolutely can! At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we specialize in all things hemp. After all, “hemp” is our middle name! We have a wide, diverse inventory of hemp CBD products that are not limited to CBD hemp flowers and joints.

    If our Gelato hemp flower piqued your interest because, well, you love gelato (we get it, we do too), we have plenty of sweet, edible options you may enjoy. Check out our many varieties of tasty CBD gummies. From gummy bears and cherry sours to watermelon and peach rings, there’s a flavor for everyone. We even offer candy-shop style CBD lollipops, CBD chocolate, and much more! No matter your preference, you can satisfy your sweet tooth at The Hemp Doctor.

    The Hemp Doctor – The Hemp and CBD Brand You Can Trust

    You can find hemp flowers and joints just about anywhere online, but you can’t always be sure that you’re buying high-quality hemp. Our organically-grown hemp is cultivated under rigorous farming standards in the most nutrient-rich U.S. soil and harvested at the precise moment that it contains the most potent, perfect buds and flowers. We don’t cut corners, because we want to offer you the best possible hemp experience. Once you try our world-class hemp, you’ll see why we have such a great reputation in the hemp and CBD community. Call, send a message, or stop into our Mooresville, North Carolina shop to see what our unparalleled hemp can do for you!

    What Our Clients Say


    This shop has a vast knowledge of what they are selling and how to use it properly. […] The Hemp Doctor is there to honestly help you. I am very Thankful they opened their doors!

    ~ Diane