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60mg – Delta 9 Lollipops

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Our delta 9 lollipops are made by using Jolly Ranchers. We melt down (using a mild heat), then blend in our Premium, Delta 9 distillate. Once blended to perfection, they are poured into molds, then cooled.

With 60mg Delta 9 THC, you may pick up on a hint of hempy flavor. Enjoy.

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11 reviews for 60mg – Delta 9 Lollipops

  1. dylanphenix69@gmail.com

    These are great… I use them to calm myself after a long day at work. i’ve bought from here many times and no issues what so ever. If i could rate 10 stars i’d do it.

  2. Hayden King (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying a lollipop edible and it was awesome. I recommend being careful as these pack a punch! Amazing after a long day to chill out and feel good! Overall, great flavor and buzz!

  3. Jeff

    I love these lollipops! But I wish you would bring back the 600mg pops, they last a lot longer with better "highs".

  4. Ann Webster (verified owner)

    I've been enjoying the other products here so I tried one of these amazing lollipops and all I can say is WOW. Yeah. It lasts a long time, it's delicious, and you can feel it in small doses coming in after you've enjoyed it for a while. Don't BITE! Just enjoy.

  5. kraze7997@gmail.com

    I tried the cherry one and it was delicious, had a bit of weed flavor to it and was a nice lasting high

  6. Dottie Waugh (verified owner)

    Any flavors

  7. cynthia Childers (verified owner)

    Holly crap! I ate the whole thing and I was so up in sky. These are very strong! So today I broke it in half to see how I do. Damn this is probably the best edible of all time! I need these to come back in stock

  8. Darby Robbins (verified owner)

    Love these lollis. I ordered Watermelon and they were awesome. These are very effective. I use them for chronic pain from hEDS.

  9. Kyle Ridgick (verified owner)

    These were phenomenal! They really work and have a high mg compared to most other D9 products – this really helped my pain, I really loved these. I have a high tolerance, so it's hard to find something that works good and the was the ticket! HIGHLY recommend. It was also really nice they gave me two free gummies! I greatly appreciated that very much; I'm poor so it really says something to me about this company – they care! They obviously are trying to make each kind of product in a variety of options for all different customer needs. I really like this company!

  10. Avery (verified owner)

    The lollipop was great and tastes exactly like a jolly rancher with a slight dark aftertaste, though the pictures are misleading. The actual lollipop received looks like 5 jolly ranchers that were melted and poured in a mold, and is maybe 30% of the size as the picture would leave you to believe.

  11. CP (verified owner)

    Question. Does 60mg refer to the amount of D9 infused? If so, that’s a huge dose.

    • The Hemp Doctor

      yes, it is a potent edible…proceed with caution, but enjoy!!!

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