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Delta-8 THC Ice Rocks (5 grams)


Get ready for the coolest Delta 8 THC experience available with our new Delta 8 THC “Ice Rocks. We begin with fresh, premium hemp flower. Then we infuse the buds with pure Delta 8 THC distillate. Finally, we coat those infused buds with 99% CBD isolate. Perfect for adding to a bowl or rolling into your favorite flower-filled joint, you will experience the uplifting and relaxing effect that you would expect from such a powerful Delta-8 THC and CBD combination. What are you waiting for…Come “chill” with us today!!

Available in 5-gram jars

(Due to extreme heat/shipping conditions, the CBD isolate may get fully absorbed into the flower)

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We Only Use American-grown Hemp at The Hemp Doctor

You may not think that there is a difference between hemp grown in America and imported hemp. After all, we import products from Mexico and other countries every day. Wouldn’t hemp be the same? The answer is, “No, hemp is not the same,” and the reason why is based on the unique properties of the hemp plant itself.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make everything from paper, rope, sails, fuel, and everything in between. In fact, Popular Mechanics once wrote an article that came out in February of 1938, claiming that there are approximately 25,000 products that can be made from hemp.

Hemp is a sturdy plant that can be grown in most environments without the use of pesticides. But one unique feature of the hemp plant that many are unaware of is its ability to clean the soil it’s planted. Hemp will draw toxins, pesticides, and other unhealthy elements from the soil. Indeed, hemp is so efficient at this that fields of it were planted around the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site to revitalize the soil. This ability is great for the soil, but those toxins remain in the hemp plant itself.

This is why it is essential for hemp to be planted in clean soil and grown without pesticides. It is also why the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates hemp farmers to be sure that they follow strict guidelines for growing hemp so that the mature plant contains no toxins. Imported hemp, on the other hand, may not have the same regulations. Therefore, the imported hemp, 70% of which comes from China, may contain heavy metals, toxins, and molds that you do not find in American-grown hemp.

This is especially important when considering unprocessed hemp products like hemp flower, our Delta-8 THC Ice Rocks, or our Moon Rocks. These are products that come directly from the hemp flower that is hand-trimmed from the plant. That flower is then smoked to get the benefits of the Delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids found within the buds. If that hemp is tainted with toxins, then you would be inhaling that directly into your lungs.

This is why you will never find us using anything but hemp grown in the United States for any of our products – not just the unprocessed items. Your health is just too important to us. This is also why you should always purchase all hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and CBD products from The Hemp Doctor.

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