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Crumble Delta-8 THC


Dabbers delight! This Delta 8 THC Crumble has a high concentration, with 106.3mg of D8 and 825.7mg of CBD in each package. This full spectrum formulation is made with hemp-derived distillate, using up-to-date extraction processes to preserve the terpene profile in each cultivar. Featuring many classic strains for your enjoyment, check below to find out what selections are available now. Our crumble is very flavorful and has a light yellow color and crumbly consistency. This type of product can be consumed in multiple ways, depending on your preference. You can sprinkle some on top of your flower, or consume it in a dab rig, etc. It can provide a powerful and relaxing sensation that may cause some intoxication. Because of the potency of this crumble, we recommend starting with a rice-size dose. As they say, “a little dab’ll do ya.” For a pleasurable experience that won’t disappoint, shop our high-quality D8 products now.

This D8 Crumble contains a maximum of 0.3% Delta 9 THC and complies with federal law. The Hemp Doctor diligently tests each product to ensure their potency and overall quality.

Please do not drive or operate heavy machinery while intoxicated. Use responsibly.

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Hemp Strains and Flavor Profiles

We offer our Delta-8 THC Crumble in three delightful strains for you to enjoy.

Maui Wowie

With a welcoming Aloha, this strain’s terpene profile delivers a combination of tropical fruity flavors like pineapple. In addition, it is a sativa strain, so it produces a high-energy euphoria with relaxing qualities that are perfect for daytime use.

Pineapple Express

As the name implies, this popular strain has a heavy citrus flavor with earthy pine and pineapple elements. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid between Train Wreck and Hawaiian, so it will leave you energetic, alert, and creative.

Super Lemon Haze

You will enjoy the sweet, zesty, and citrusy aroma of this strain that is a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Its taste is tart and sweet like lemon candy, and this sativa-dominant strain will leave you feeling lively and energetic.


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