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Caviar Preroll Blunts


Our 2.7g Caviar blunt is a blend of our, finest organically grown CBD hemp flower and CBG Kief. Using a glass tip, The Hemp Doctor Caviar blunts are rolled using premium hemp paper, and loaded with a flavorful blend of infused CBD Hemp Flower. Our Caviar Blunts have zero added ingredients – simply natural, organically grown top shelf flower rolled to perfection. Expect a nice slow, even burn that is perfect for your next “session” with friends.

Available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, and two premium blends:


Blueberry Afgoo [Indica Hybrid] | Lemon Diesel [Hybrid] | Orange Cookies [Sativa Hybrid]

500mg HHC/5mg HHCP/50mg CBG


Blue Dream [Sativa Hybrid] | Blueberry AK [Indica Hybrid] | Green Crack [Sativa]

500mg Delta 8 THC/5mg THCP/50mg CBG


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Organically Grown
Made in USA
Fast Absorbtion
Full Spectrum