If you haven’t tried Delta 8 THC yet, you may have quite a few questions about it. Many people have heard of THC, but might not understand what “Delta 8“ means and whether it changes anything about what they know about THC in general. Delta 8 is actually a very unique and important type of THC, and we are here to help you understand what it is and what it is capable of. This is so, when you see it in stores and online, you will be equipped with all of the information necessary to make the best decisions possible for your health and wellness.

Delta 8 – Not Your Typical THC

When people hear “THC,” they tend to think of marijuana. Generally, this makes sense because marijuana is known for producing a feeling of euphoria, and it is THC that is responsible for causing those effects. Many people don’t realize that the THC ingredient that produces psychoactive effects in marijuana is actually one of many types of THC, called analogs

There are several types of THC analogs, and the mind-altering analog is called Delta 9. Delta 9 is most prevalent in plants in the cannabis family, as the plant yields high amounts of it naturally. This ingredient has the reputation of making people feel “high” upon using it. This is not the case for every THC analog, though. Other analogs are capable of delivering unparalleled wellness benefits! So, when you hear “THC,” it is probably Delta 9 THC that comes to mind – but it is Delta 8 that you really want to get to know. 

Another analog of THC, Delta 8, is less prevalent in cannabis plants, so it has not gotten the attention it deserves until recently. Found in less than 1% of the plant, wellness enthusiasts have been eager to find a way to acquire more Delta 8 so they can find out all of the benefits this analog is capable of. A few scientific advancements, combined with the hard work and dedication of expert cultivators, have resulted in a unique process allowing Delta 9 THC to be converted into the far less psychoactive Delta 8, making it possible to yield more Delta 8 from a healthy plant. So it can be used in several unique wellness products that do not produce a “high.”

What Can Delta 8 Do?

Now that we have distinguished Delta 8, the wellness ingredient without psychoactive side effects, from mind-altering Delta 9, you may be interested in what this unique compound is capable of. As it skyrockets in popularity, more benefits are being reported regularly, but for now, consumers reach for Delta 8 THC for many reasons, including:

– Helping an overworked, wound up mind settle down at the end of a long day, which can promote a true sense of relaxation and contribute greatly to a more restful night’s sleep.

Consumers report being able to fall asleep more easily as well as being able to stay asleep throughout the night, so they wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

– Helping individuals combat nausea and stomach issues by harmoniously interacting with the system to stimulate the appetite. Unlike Delta 9, Delta 8 does not make you extremely hungry or “have the munchies.” Instead, it simply helps an upset stomach feel settled and ready to eat when hunger strikes.

Consumers report enjoying a more healthy, uninterrupted appetite, and quick relief from gut discomfort that leads to nausea or sour stomach.

– Aiding in stress management, helping individuals cope with emotional fatigue more easily. Those balancing numerous responsibilities with hectic daily schedules can enjoy a reprieve in just a few moments with Delta 8. It creates a calm (not sleepy) demeanor and helps improve your overall peace of mind.

Consumers report feeling more relaxed and at ease, able to feel a sense of emotional harmony.

Delta 8 and the Law

Above are just some of the many benefits one can experience when using Delta 8 THC, and new success stories are shared on social media and on discussion boards daily. With so much to love and so many wellness-supporting properties, you may be wondering whether this amazing compound is legal.

We mentioned that both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are found in plants in the cannabis family. These plants include hemp and marijuana. Consumers sometimes confuse these plants, but they are quite different in their genetic makeup. The difference is important because it helps identify the legal status of these compounds. 

According to federal law (The Farm Bill of 2018), all derivatives of hemp are legal in the U.S., as long as they contain no more than .3% Delta 9 THC. Because .3% is a small amount, it is considered minuscule, so consumers do not experience psychoactive side effects from the hemp-derived wellness products.

This means, when derived from hemp, Delta 8 THC complies with federal law, making it legal for purchase and consumption across the country. While shopping, always seek well-known, trusted retailers who prove their product was derived from hemp for your peace of mind, so you can always know your product is safe to consume and completely legal. Instead of scouring the internet for a trusted brand, visit The Hemp Doctor They carry all the best hemp products available on the market today!

The Hemp Doctor: Your One-Stop Hemp Shop

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, you can find the highest quality hemp-derived Delta 8 THC – something many competitors can’t promise. As the elusive compound grows in popularity, the demand is rising, but many retailers are having a hard time creating products featuring it. We work diligently to coordinate with expert cultivators to acquire the best quality hemp and hemp-derived products for your enjoyment and well-being, and that includes cutting-edge products featuring Delta 8.

Our generous, constantly-growing inventory features premium Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges as well as dozens of other versatile products for you to enjoy! Everything we sell is organic, gluten-free, kosher friendly, and is grown here in the United States, so our products are held to the highest possible standard from the moment the plant touches the soil. In addition, our top-notch products are third-party lab tested, and we provide the lab reports for you to see, so you can see firsthand everything that is inside of your product for your safety and comfort.

Experience everything our Delta 8 THC has to offer in just a few clicks, or stop by our Mooresville, North Carolina shop and meet us! We can’t wait to help you feel your best each day!

Cannabis Extract in the hands of a doctor.

Most people have heard of THC. Those three letters tend to evoke a certain feeling, depending on the impression the well-known compound has left on you. Some people absolutely love THC for the benefits it offers, while others dislike the compound because of the psychoactive side effects it is known for. Many people don’t realize that THC is not one single compound; instead, it is a family of compounds, called analogs. Different analogs of THC uniquely interact with the body, and no two analogs are identical. Because of this, when individuals mention “THC,” they are typically referring to Delta 9 THC, the analog which is known for creating euphoric experiences commonly associated with marijuana use.

Recently, you may have noticed that there have been some health and wellness products in stores and online featuring Delta 8 THC, and many consumers are curious if this compound is the THC they have heard of or if it’s something different. Delta 8 THC is similar to Delta 9, but not the exact same – they are different analogs. Learn more about Delta 8, how it interacts with the body, and if it is legal.

Delta 8 – THC You Will Love

THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, has several unique analogs that determine the way the compound interacts with your body. Some of those analogs include:

  • THCa, the acidic form of THC
  • Delta 9 THC, the compound known for its mind-altering effects
  • Delta 8 THC, the compound less psychoactive and more wellness-evoking

Because of the unique properties of Delta 8 THC, it can offer some surprising and enjoyable wellness benefits without delivering the psychoactive or “high” effects its sibling, Delta 9, is known for. Because of this, the rising star, Delta 8, is the THC analog that has been showing up in many health and wellness products recently. Because of the positive way this compound interacts with the body, it can benefit consumers in many ways, including:

  • Appetite support, helping stimulate appetite by gently minimizing nausea.
  • Promoting a sense of peace and relaxation.
  • Offering a natural way for an overworked mind to wind down.
  • Aiding in a more restful night’s sleep.
  • Helping the physical body feel calm and less fatigued

Many of these benefits sound too good to be true in a natural product, so you may be wondering if THC analog is legal. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Delta 8’s legal status.

Delta 8 THC – Is It Legal?

There are many websites and discussion boards full of misinformation found online, so it’s important to clear up the details on the legality of this beneficial wellness product so individuals can begin reaping the benefits of it without fear or concern. When people see “THC,” they tend to instinctively assume that it is illegal because THC is usually associated with marijuana. That assumption is simply not accurate.

THC is actually a compound that is found in variations of the cannabis plant – which include hemp and marijuana, plants that are similar in their genetic makeup but also different. It is important to recognize that these two plants are not identical, because the difference helps you understand the legal status of the compounds derived from each.

In 2018, the Farm Bill was signed into law. That legislation states that all derivatives of hemp (cannabinoids, analogs, etc.) are completely legal in the United States as long as they do not contain more than .3% THC (Delta 9 THC to be specific). After this law was passed, several wellness brands began selling CBD products, CBG products, and other hemp derivatives that comply with that law.

In the United States, derivatives of marijuana are not legal. Here is where the distinction is important. Your Delta 8 THC wellness products are absolutely legal when the ingredient has been derived from hemp, and your product does not contain more than .3% Delta 9 THC. When purchased from a reputable retailer like The Hemp Doctor, you can rest assured that your Delta 8 THC is completely safe and legal to use. So you can focus on all the benefits you’ll receive from it instead of worrying about whether it’s complying with the law.

The Hemp Doctor – Your Trusted Delta 8 THC Retailer

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we are experts when it comes to everything hemp related. We are a wellness brand that is passionate about finding natural ways to use the amazing hemp plant to benefit your life and help you enjoy each day. We are ahead of the curve when it comes to hemp-derived wellness products, and we always take extra measures to guarantee that your product is safe, effective, and enjoyable to use on a daily basis.

Of course, now that Delta 8 THC is becoming more popular, we know it is hard to find – especially from a trustworthy retailer. As one of the nation’s most trusted and reliable hemp and CBD retailers, we are proud to offer pure, enjoyable Delta 8 THC products in our generous inventory. When you shop with us, you can rest assured that your product is trustworthy and complies with the law. With us, you can always expect that our products are:

  • Hemp-derived, from healthy hemp plants grown in the United States under strict farming standards
  • Organic
  • 100% Farm Bill compliant
  • Processed using the most advanced methods to ensure absolute purity without unwanted residual particles or compounds
  • Third-party lab tested to prove their quality and purity, with lab reports made available to you for your comfort and peace of mind
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free and certified kosher
  • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee

When you shop with us, you will not only find all of the most potent, cutting-edge Delta 8 THC innovations like our Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge, you can also enjoy several other well-crafted wellness products you won’t find anywhere else, including:

When you are ready to see why Delta 8 THC is becoming one of the most sought-after wellness products on the market today, get started at The Hemp Doctor! You can conveniently shop online 24/7, or if you live in the Mooresville, North Carolina area, you can stop by our shop and meet us. Our hemp professionals will be happy to help you choose the perfect product and support you on your wellness journey!

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