CBD has become one of the most widely sought-after wellness products on the market today, and satisfied customers can’t seem to get enough of it. As research continues to unlock CBD‘s healing potential, and consumers share their success stories with friends and family, even the most skeptical individuals are considering giving this all-natural ingredient a try.

Whether you already know and love this amazing hemp-derived compound or if you are a curious CBD beginner, you may be wondering where you should go to find high-quality products.

Especially now, when the wellness market is seemingly flooded with generic products in just about every store, it is extremely important that you know what to look for so you can reap the maximum benefits offered by premium CBD. Unfortunately, low-quality CBD results in sub-par results, so before spending your hard-earned money, here’s everything you need to know about shopping for CBD.

Buying High-Quality CBD

One of the most common questions consumers have is: “Where can I go to buy high-quality CBD?” To answer that, you first need to know exactly what to look for in a premium product. Whether in a physical store or featured in an online shop, your CBD should have a few important traits that will indicate that it is a quality product from a trustworthy retailer.

  1. Your CBD (short for cannabidiol), should always be derived from hemp. CBD is one of many compounds derived from plants in a cannabis family, and those compounds are called cannabinoids. Both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis family, and both plants contain these cannabinoids, but only hemp-derived compounds are legal in the United States since The Farm Bill of 2018 was signed into law. Derivatives of marijuana are not legal in the United States, so this is a very important distinction to make.
  2. According to the law, all hemp-derived CBD products with no more than .3% THC are legal to purchase and consume. You can be sure that your hemp-derived CBD complies with the law when you shop with a retailer that utilizes an independent third-party lab to verify all of their claims. Lab reports will outline exactly what is inside of the product (as well as what is not), so you will be able to see how much hemp-derived CBD each product contains, how much THC (if any) is present, and you can even see that all unwanted traces of pesticides, metals, and molds have been removed.
  3. Retailers should only extract CBD from organic U.S. grown hemp, which will ensure that the plants were fostered under the most rigorous farming standards, yielding the most potent and effective compounds.
  4. Premium brands will offer a wide variety of options to fit into any lifestyle and routine, including full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products. A full-spectrum CBD product contains a rich blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, delivering a well-rounded and effective CBD experience. A broad-spectrum CBD product is similar, but it does not contain trace amounts of THC. Neither product is known to deliver psychoactive side effects, however, some consumers prefer THC-free wellness products, and reputable brands will happily cater to that preference.
  5. When processed using scientifically-advanced techniques (like nanoemulsion technology), your CBD product can more quickly and thoroughly absorb into the body. When the product is more bioavailable, a small amount goes a long way, making your investment in a high-quality CBD product cost-efficient and longer-lasting.
  6. Your brand of choice should always have an informative website for you to reference. Even if you shop in person for your products, the retailer should have a helpful website featuring information, answers to common questions, easy-to-access customer service, and a money-back guarantee. A website helps consumers connect with the brand, get to know them, and have an easy place to reorder products or find customer support. In this digital age, not having an active website is a red flag for any wellness company.

Whether you prefer to purchase your product in stores or online, these above traits are crucially important in helping you identify a quality product. If you are seeking a trustworthy retailer who meets all of the above criteria and offers in-store and online shopping, look no further than the nation’s hemp professionals: The Hemp Doctor!

The Hemp Doctor: America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary

At The Hemp Doctor, helping customers achieve a happier, healthier life using our premium hemp is our passion. We have seen, firsthand, the power of high-quality CBD. Since the moment CBD changed our lives for the better, we became dedicated to helping others have the same unparalleled wellness experience.

You can visit us in person at our Mooresville, North Carolina shop, where you can meet our enthusiastic team of hemp professionals and shop all of the latest innovations! If you aren’t local, we have our online store for you to browse and shop 24/7, and we will ship our products straight to your door quickly!

We have an ever-growing inventory of some of the most unique premium hemp and CBD products on the market today, including:

When you shop at The Hemp Doctor, you can always rest assured that your premium products will be:

✓ 100% compliant with the law

✓ Completely safe to use

✓ Gluten-free

✓ Organic

✓ Certified Kosher

✓ Free of harsh chemical, metals, and pesticides

✓ Made in the U.S.A.

✓ Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee

Get Started Now!

If you want to begin incorporating high-quality CBD into your wellness routine so you can begin enjoying life with new, youthful energy, remember: It does not matter if you shop in person or online – all that matters is that your CBD product is pure, safe, and from a trustworthy retailer like The Hemp Doctor.

When it comes to your health, don’t settle for a brand that has anything to hide from you. You deserve high-quality products with lab reports proving their purity. Start shopping today to experience all of the holistic benefits all-natural CBD has to offer!

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, has become one of the most popular wellness products in the United States. Since it’s legal debut in 2018 after the president signed The Farm Bill into law, all hemp-derived CBD products containing .3% THC or less started hitting the shelves, and consumers were snatching them up at record speed. To keep up with demand, pop-up shops and specialty stores have been emerging, and you can even find some less-reputable CBD products at supermarkets and gas stations (note: we don’t recommend those).

As happy customers share their success stories with friends, in online forums, and on social media, the demand continues to grow. CBD is even winning over the most skeptical individuals with its all-natural benefits. With CBD gaining new loyal enthusiasts each day, it’s important that eager consumers know exactly what CBD is, what it’s capable of, and how much of it to take to best enjoy it.

CBD: The Breakdown

Before delving deeply into dosage, here are a few bullet-pointed things every CBD newbie should know:

  • CBD is derived from hemp, marijuana’s cousin plant. The two are in the same plant family (cannabis) but they are not identical and not interchangeable.
  • Hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in the United States.
  • CBD is all-natural, plant-derived, and non-addictive.
  • Hemp-derived CBD is not known to cause mind-altering side effects, as products are either low in THC (up to .3% for full-spectrum products) or THC-free (broad-spectrum products). THC is the ingredient predominantly associated with the “high” consumers experience from marijuana use, which does not occur from using hemp-derived CBD.
  • CBD is safe to use on a daily basis and can be used at home or on-the-go for prompt results.

Now that you know exactly what CBD is, let’s discuss why people love it so much. The list of reasons people use it is growing each day, but generally, it’s counted on to offer the following:

  • CBD is taken early in the day to help the mind and body feel fresh and ready for anything. Similar to a nice cup of coffee to wake up your senses, CBD offers caffeine-free mental clarity to start your day.
  • CBD is used to help the body recover. Whether your muscles need post-workout support after a strenuous exercise routine, or your tired or aging joints need relief, CBD comes to the rescue and helps alleviate several types of bodily discomfort.
  • Before bed, CBD helps promote mental clarity and peace of mind, so the woes of the day can roll off your shoulders and you can rest soundly.
  • As an addition to your typical skincare regimen, topical CBD products offer nourishing, moisturizing results while also promoting a sense of calmness as it penetrates the skin.

This highly versatile product offers these benefits and so much more! To maximize everything CBD has to offer, it’s important to fine-tune your dosage amount to meet your body’s specific needs.

CBD Dosage – Where to Begin

Every single body is different, so it’s no surprise that people need different doses of CBD to experience the best CBD results. To find your ideal dosage, you must first recognize the way CBD is measured. Each bottle should indicate how many milligrams of CBD is in the bottle as well as how much CBD is in each serving.

The number of milligrams (mg) of CBD contained in each serving is important, because, for products like CBD Softgels, the individual doses are pre-measured for your convenience. So each softgel will contain the same amount of CBD. For CBD Tinctures, however, the product comes with a dropper applicator. After reading the bottle, you can carefully fine-tune your dosage using the small notches on the dropper.

In general, one’s height and weight play a large part in how CBD is metabolized in the body. Here are some general guidelines that may help you understand how much CBD is ideal to start with:

For individuals who are 130 lbs & under:

  • 11 mg or less can provide mild results
  • 12-14 mg can provide moderate results
  • 15-17 mg can provide profound results

For individuals who are 130 lbs to 230 lbs:

  • 18 mg or less can provide mild results
  • 19-23 mg can provide moderate results
  • 24-27 mg can provide profound results

For individuals who are over 230 lbs:

  • 23 mg or less can provide mild results
  • 24-30 mg can provide moderate results
  • 31-45 mg can provide profound results

Of course, these recommendations are only taking weight into account, and this chart is simply for your reference. Other factors may play a role in how many milligrams one needs as well, including their level of activity, the presence of other medications, other health conditions, and more. **If you do take other medications, it is always recommended to consult with your doctor before combining or adding any new product to your routine.

The Takeaway

Because everyone is different, there is no cookie-cutter answer for “how much CBD should I take?” However, we recommend reviewing the above chart, then also starting with the lowest recommended dosage of your product. Starting with a low dosage then increasing incrementally until you achieve your desired results is the best way to find your perfect CBD dosage.

Some customers also utilize a journal to thoroughly keep track of their dosage increases until they find the right balance. This simple action documents how much CBD was taken, when, and how they felt afterward. It’s a great tool to use to find exactly what works for you.

Tip: Yet another great thing about CBD:  Once you find the perfect dosage, you shouldn’t need to adjust it, as the body doesn’t typically grow a tolerance to it.

The Hemp Doctor: The Best Hemp and CBD on the Market

When you want to experience the very best that CBD and hemp have to offer, look no further than The Hemp Doctor! As America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we are experts on all things related to hemp and CBD. We offer a wide, diverse inventory of some of the most innovative products on the market today, and the quality of our products is second to none. Our organic hemp is processed using the most advanced extraction and purification methods, and our products are third-party lab tested for your peace of mind, too.

What are you waiting for? Start experiencing the benefits you deserve from CBD!

Sleep is essential to our daily functioning. When we wake up and feel completely rested, the whole day just feels easier and more enjoyable. After all, just like putting your cell phone on the charger before bed and waking up to a full battery, our bodies also need to power down and recharge.

Unfortunately, falling asleep at a reasonable time and maintaining a deep, rejuvenating sleep throughout the night can be a challenge for many people. Especially lately, when it seems like there are so many things to keep the mind active – work, family, friends, your health and the health of loved ones, politics, world events, etc. –  a good night’s sleep can seem impossible.

Before going to extremes to find a way to sleep better, try exploring natural solutions. Many of the most effective products to support sleep are actually plant-derived and holistic, and that’s what the body responds best to! You’ve probably already heard of CBD (the hemp-derived ingredient that took the nation by storm in 2018) because it has become one of the most popular health products on the market today. The newest impressive ingredient that has been capturing the attention, at least from coast to coast, is also derived from hemp: CBG.

What Is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and it is a powerful plant-derived compound called a cannabinoid. Plants in the cannabis variety (most notably, hemp and marijuana) contain hundreds of cannabinoids that are used in wellness products on the market today. While both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis plant family, the two are not identical. Marijuana contains much higher levels of THC, the compound known to cause mind-altering side effects or the “high” associated with marijuana use. Even though both plants contain THC, hemp contains much lower amounts. In the United States, only hemp-derived wellness products containing .3% THC or less (a minuscule amount) are legal since The Farm Bill of 2018 was passed.

Like it’s the well-known counterpart (CBD), CBG is legal, all-natural, non-addictive, and it does not cause psychoactive side effects. Even though fewer people know about CBG right now, that is guaranteed to change. Just when we thought hemp couldn’t be more amazing, experts decided to closely analyze exactly what CBG is capable of, and the results could not be more exciting.

Before we explain what CBG can do, it’s important to understand the difference between CBG and CBD. We know that they are both compounds derived from the hemp plant, but you may not realize that CBG is a bit more exclusive because it is harder to acquire. It all comes down to the lifecycle of the hemp plant. Here’s how:

In the early stages of the hemp plant’s life, the plant contains a dense amount of CBG-a (cannabigerol acid). Through photosynthesis, as the plant matures, the CBG-a is transformed into other well-known, beneficial compounds like CBD. The fully mature hemp plant does contain the CBG compound, but in very small amounts, as most of it has been synthesized into different compounds. This means that it is harder to yield high amounts of CBG, making the beneficial compound much rarer and highly desired.

As soon as consumers began realizing CBG’s wellness potential, the demand for CBG products began skyrocketing. Because the mature hemp plant contains such low levels of the compound, expert cultivators and researchers have had to find ways to extract more CBG by harvesting the hemp plant earlier, when CBG is most prolific. Similar to CBD, CBG can play a vital role in one’s daily wellness routine, as it enters the bloodstream and immediately begins absorbing, delivering support where the body needs it most.

Of course, this elusive, highly sought after compound offers several benefits. However, as the product becomes more popular, many consumers are reaching for CBG to help them sleep, and when they do, they are increasingly impressed.

Rest Well with CBG

All-natural CBG is finding its way to nightstands and medicine cabinets across the country, as consumers are noticing that the compound delivers on its promises. CBG can be taken in the evening to promote better sleep. It is an effective holistic solution because it:

  • Naturally promotes a sense of overall calmness
  • Encourages mental clarity, so the worries of the day do not leave the mind racing
  • Minimizes muscle and joint discomfort so the body can truly relax
  • Continues working, even after one falls asleep, to encourage a long, rejuvenating rest

Taking CBG as part of a healthy sleep routine can lead to several beneficial outcomes in addition to simply sleeping better. When the body is well-rested, the mind can cope with stress more easily, the body feels recharged, and even the immune system can function more optimally. Don’t underestimate the power of sleeping well!

The Hemp Doctor: Ahead of the Curve

If you aim to improve your sleep (and by extension, how you feel when you’re awake), CBG might be the perfect option for you. At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we’ve got you covered. CBG might be hard to find at average stores, but when it comes to hemp products, we are always ahead of the curve!

Plus, you can trust that our hemp products are completely safe, unlike no-name competitors who can’t prove the claims they make on their labels. We can, and we do! When you shop with us, you can easily access the third-party lab results to see exactly what’s in your product. That means you can shop with confidence with us, knowing your products are safe and trustworthy.

If you have any questions or curiosities about CBG, CBD, or if you’d like us to recommend your ideal product, reach out to us. Our friendly team is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or if you prefer, you can send us a message here. We will be excited to see you enjoy hemp as much as we do!

Get started today! Whether you’re interested in purchasing our premium CBG to improve your sleep routine or any of our other impressive, organic hemp-derived products, we have something you will love. Shop online today, or visit us at our Mooresville, NC shop in person.

You may have heard about the newest wellness product being purchased alongside the ever-popular CBD: CBG. If you haven’t heard of it, you may be wondering, “what’s the difference? Aren’t all of those acronyms the same?” Well, get excited. First – no, they are not the same. They are quite similar, and they both have unbelievable wellness potential, but CBG is the most recent hemp-derived compound making a lasting impression in the world of holistic wellness. Get to know CBG and exactly how it works to make each day more enjoyable with less emotional and physical distress.


What a difference one little letter makes. Don’t worry, both of these compounds are amazing. If you’ve tried them, you’ve probably stocked up on your favorites so you never have to be without them again. However, if these ingredients are new to you, you may have a few questions, and we are here to clear them up.

First, CBD and CBG are both compounds called cannabinoids extracted from varieties of the cannabis plant. Both hemp and marijuana are part of that well-known plant family, but only hemp-derived CBD and CBG are legal for purchase and consumption in the United States at this time. The marijuana plant naturally contains significantly higher levels of the compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the ingredient which makes people feel mind-altering or “high” side effects. Hemp is different. It contains much lower levels of THC, and also has potent, dense compounds that can improve everything from your mood to your physical discomfort without the psychoactive component, making it an attractive option for many people.

Now we know that both CBD and CBG are derived from the hemp plant, they are legal, and they don’t cause any mind-altering side effects. While they are both cannabinoids, though, they are slightly different in their composition. CBG is being referred to as “the Cadillac of cannabinoids” because it is an incredibly effective compound that is more challenging to yield a high volume of. That’s because CBG is actually most prevalent in the early stages of the healthy hemp plant’s life. As the plant matures, the CBG compounds evolve to become CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids, leaving only a small amount of the original CBG compound present. This makes CBG much more valuable and more expensive and difficult to acquire.

To keep up with the rising demand of CBG, innovative farmers and scientists must work hard and dedicate their time to identifying the exact moment the CBG is most prevalent, and harvest the plant then in order to extract more CBG from it. It’s all about timing, and it takes patience and meticulous understanding of the microscopic compounds to achieve this feat.

Carrier Oils: Why Do They Matter?

Both CBD and CBG are most effective when mixed with a carrier oil. A carrier oil helps the compound absorb properly into your body and bloodstream, as the oil interacts with our natural fatty acids and penetrates deeply for maximum benefits. Without a carrier oil, the vast majority of the product simply won’t absorb properly into the body, and it will flush out of the digestive system without absorbing – meaning your body will not benefit from all the compound has to offer. The majority of CBD and CBG products on the market today contain a carrier oil already, so when you take the product, it gets to work quickly. The most popular carrier oils are:

  • MCT oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond Oil

So, when you’re checking out your product label, don’t be surprised when you see one of those ingredients listed. They are a vital component to the product being effective, as they help deliver the compounds to your body.

When we closely analyze the difference between CBD and CBG, researchers have realized something amazing. CBG actually absorbs a bit more thoroughly into the body than CBD. Both need carrier oils, of course, but it appears that CBG can absorb slightly more effectively, which means it delivers results faster and more effectively.

There’s a reason they call CBG the Cadillac of cannabinoids. When it enters your bloodstream, it works harmoniously with your natural endocannabinoid system and does what other excellent cannabinoids do –  just a little bit better. That includes:

  • Supporting a more restful night’s sleep
  • Promoting a sense of emotional clarity and balance
  • Helping muscles recover promptly after working out
  • Reducing discomfort in joints due to overexertion or age
  • Enhancing daily skincare routines
  • Helping individuals feel more calm and relaxed
  • & much more

The Hemp Doctor: Leading the Charge on CBG

The Hemp Doctor is America’s Hemp & CBD Dispensary, so of course, we are actively exploring the most innovative ways to use hemp to improve your life. Because CBG and CBD are the hottest wellness ingredients derived from hemp that seem to be making a lasting impression, we are working tirelessly to expand our already massive product inventory to include products you are sure to love!

One of our newest best sellers is the 1:1 CBD and CBG tincture, which contains equal parts of CBD and CBG, and it’s bringing our customers a lot of joy.  We offer it in both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (without THC) bottles, and it’s flying off of our shelves! We also have a few exciting new products in the works, so do yourself a favor and bookmark our product page and check back regularly. You’ll find CBD and CBG products you won’t find anywhere else.

At The Hemp Doctor, we are committed to your wellness, not just selling you great products. We know our cutting-edge hemp, CBD, and CBG products are effective because we use them ourselves. What matters to us is that you can find a supportive environment, unparalleled products, and helpful information you need to begin your wellness journey and stick to it.

Also, our customer service is second to none! If you need help, information, or a recommendation, we are here to help. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email us through our online contact page, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. We can’t wait to see our hemp, CBD, and CBG make a positive impact on your life. You deserve it!

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Sometimes, mental health is overlooked or dismissed as less important because it can be hard to physically see when there is an issue, and it’s also difficult to observe a positive change. It’s vital to not overlook your emotional well-being as an intricate part of your overall health and wellness because they overlap much more than you probably realize!

Studies show a clear connection between mental and physical health, and there is a surprising amount of research to support mental health impacting the physical health and vice versa (physical health impacting mental health). Of course, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to learn, then use that knowledge to be better each day.

It can be difficult to make changes for the better because some changes are truly challenging to keep up with. However, one of the easiest things to do regularly is to eat delicious food. What if we told you that adding just four tasty foods to your diet could have a positive impact on your mental health and wellness? Get excited, this positive change is going to be a piece of cake!

Feed Your Senses

You’re almost certainly expecting us to include broccoli, brussels sprouts, and other traditionally healthy food on our list. Yes, those foods are great, and they will certainly make your body happy! But, to be honest, we all need a little bit of good news these days. So today, we are going to share some surprising foods that truly evoke joy at a chemical level when they enter the body. If you are wondering how that’s possible, one dietitian explains it as the “gut-brain axis,” where essentially, the gut talks to the brain – and if the gut is happy, it sends positive signals to the brain.

You’re probably getting hungry, so let’s get started. Here are four yummy foods to treat your tastebuds and your mind:

1. Dark Chocolate

Yes, that’s right! A trial study conducted by the American Chemical Society found that dark chocolate actually helps minimize emotional fatigue. Dark chocolate, especially containing 70% cacao and higher, enhances the mood because it triggers higher levels of endorphins – the happy hormone – leaving you feeling happier and overall more satisfied. No more feeling like chocolate is a “guilty pleasure!” If it’s tasty dark chocolate, it’s helping your health!

2. Fruit Smoothies

Imagine elevating your mood by tossing some bananas and berries in the blender! It almost sounds too good to be true. But there is science behind it, we promise! Bananas contain tryptophan, a brain chemical that helps to regulate mood as well as other beneficial properties.  Berries are bright-colored, sweet, and delicious, but behind those bold colors are some serious mood-boosting properties. So mix your favorites in the blender and drink up! Your mind and body will thank you.

3. Coffee

Okay, it’s technically not a “food,” but coffee is something many people love, and they may not realize the benefits of it. Caffeinated coffee actually has many health properties, including being linked to elevating the mood and reducing your inclination to feel low. It also increases serotonin levels, making you feel uplifted and energetic.

4. Red Wine

Yes, it’s another beverage, but it deserves to be on this list. Of course, we have to tread lightly when it comes to promoting increased alcohol consumption. However, if you are of legal drinking age, an occasional glass of red wine is known to have numerous health benefits! Research has found red wine to be good for the heart, and it is linked to a reduced risk of depression. So, instead of a sugary cocktail, sometimes, have a little red wine – your heart and mind will thank you!

Incorporating these yummy things into your diet doesn’t seem too bad, does it? Remember, everything in moderation. And of course, you know that increasing your fruit, vegetable, and whole-grain intake is good for you and your waistline, too. Balance is everything!

CBD: Providing Natural Support

In addition to the tasty suggestions above, another increasingly popular wellness trend is hemp-derived CBD. This all-natural wellness product offers prompt, consistent relief from head to toe, making it a preferred option for individuals who want to feel more balanced and relaxed without fear of mind-altering side effects.

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is a compound derived from hemp, then used in several wellness products on the market today. From topical body creams and gels to sugary edibles of just about every shape and flavor, CBD delivers results when you need it most. CBD is currently used to:

– help promote general peace of mind

– support fatigued joints

– provide topical relief to overworked muscles

– enhance one’s daily sleep routine

– promote clarity

– elevate one’s skincare routine

– and much more

Because CBD is completely legal, all-natural, and plant-derived, it has quickly become one of the fastest-growing health trends the U.S. has ever seen.

The Hemp Doctor: Delivering Quality

When you’re ready to add CBD into your routine, you don’t want to settle for a mediocre gas station CBD product. You want quality because that’s what you deserve! And that’s exactly what you’ll find at The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary. We only offer the highest quality hemp, CBD, and CBG products on the market, because we truly care about the welfare of our family of customers.

We are highly-detailed and diligent at every step – from growing healthy, robust hemp plants in nutritious, organic U.S. soil to purifying, processing, and quality-checking every product. We don’t cut corners because we aim to meet, then exceed, industry standards for quality. When you shop our wide inventory, you’ll be thrilled to have so many premier products to choose from. We have something that fits into just about anyone’s lifestyle.

If you’re ready to have some of the best CBD on the market delivered straight to your door, shop online at The Hemp Doctor today! And if you have any questions or if you’d like us to recommend a product for you, you can always contact us or find us on social media.

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