COVID-19 has, of course, been a crisis of unparalleled proportion. Surprisingly, it has also been very revealing. Just like most worldwide and nationwide times of crisis, a silver lining of this pandemic is that we have been able to tap into strengths we didn’t realize we had in order to accommodate our new normal. The unbelievably brave way everyday citizens have stepped up to support loved ones and take care of others in the community – even strangers – is a story of inspiration and hope. It is that very spirit that will emerge from this pandemic, and it is what will make us stronger than ever when it is behind us.

Today, we want to recognize the unsung heroes of COVID-19 – the ones that aren’t featured on the news or on billboards, but they deserve our appreciation. We’ve written some short letters directly to those heroes, and if you know someone who fits the description, share it with them and show them the praise they deserve!

Dear Anonymous Heroes, Thank You…

To the multitasking parent:

Parenting was never the easiest job, but you’ve been doing it with grace and determination anyway because you want your children to have the best life. You’ve constantly made sacrifices that most people don’t notice, like 2-minute showers and eating quickly in the kitchen between feeding and putting your kids to bed. You rarely complain, because your kids are not a chore, they are your life and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You may laugh at the idea of self-care, and you probably have a long list of “one day, when I have time…” goals collecting dust, but you don’t mind.

Now, you’re facing the normal challenges you’ve grown accustomed to, plus a pandemic. Your mind and body are exhausted. You have to try and remember fourth-grade math, which is actually feeling close to rocket science. You have to re-learn (or learn for the first time) specific moments in history, complex grammar, impossible math – things you were sure you would never have to teach. But here you are – very day. Coming up with fun ways to keep your kids happy, healthy, and thriving, even though you haven’t washed your hair in a week and you don’t remember your last meal. Oh, and you’re still maintaining a job, but it’s all part of the routine and you’re thankful. To you, the most important thing is that your sweet babies, no matter their age, don’t feel the brunt of this virus. You deserve an award, but you’d humbly say that you don’t. Your kids are lucky to have you, and you are truly a hero to many. You deserve more praise than you’ll ever receive.


To the hustling delivery drivers:

You drive through neighborhoods morning until night time. Small mail trucks, large delivery trucks, and everything in between – you know neighborhoods (and sometimes, residents personally) by heart. You know your job is important, but we need you to understand: You are vital to us, now more than ever. You shuffle through endless bins of snail mail, junk mail, and packages of all shapes and sizes. And pandemic or not, you know that eager residents depend on you every day. Whether it is a vital medication, everyday essential, or our guilty-pleasure shopping for a new kitchen gadget or accessory, you diligently ensure every online shopping order reaches their destination. We don’t thank you as often we should, because we admit, we get a little antsy when we are excited about a package. But right now, we are taking a step back and truly appreciating you, realizing we would be lost without you. We need you to feel like the unsung hero that you are!


To the trash and recycling collectors:

We are staying home a lot lately. Most of us are producing more trash than ever, and many of us are a bit embarrassed about how many shipping boxes we have in the recycling bin from all of our online orders – not to mention cans and bottles of our favorite drinks, every box of snacks we ate in one sitting, and just so much trash. We don’t even know how it filled up so fast! Yet, every week, you show up as scheduled and haul it away. We hardly think about the process or the workers. Most of us are just happy that the stinky bag made it to the bin, and that the bin magically becomes empty, awaiting another week of our garbage. We don’t get to tell you personally, but deep down, we are thankful. What would we do without you? Our houses would smell and we’d have cascading towers of cardboard. We appreciate you so much, and we hope you realize the important role you have in maintaining some type of normalcy. You may play a small part in all of our lives, but it is a vital one.

We know that this doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many people truly deserve praise but don’t hear it regularly. And the amazing, selfless individuals that are talked about: doctors, nurses, (basically ALL medical personnel), every essential worker, law enforcement officer, and first responder. We believe you STILL deserve more praise than you receive. You are facing this challenge head-on, and you deserve more “thank yous” than you’ll ever receive.

Quiet, unassuming heroes are everywhere if you take the time to look. Let this be your motivation to reach out to them and to share a message of love and appreciation today. Remind them that they are doing an amazing job. Send a text, make a call, open a video chat. It doesn’t matter how, but make someone’s day today.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Human Kindness

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At the core of everything we do, we are passionate about helping everyone live their best lives. Our unparalleled CBD and hemp products have been a staple in the lives of many, but we know that human kindness is also a staple in our world, and we encourage it. So today, praise a hard-working parent, leave your delivery driver a “thank-you” note, go out of your way to thank your trash collector. These small actions ripple waves of kindness, and we need more of it today.

Keep sending love and appreciation to loved ones and strangers alike, and let’s get through this together!

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