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Independence day is a patriotic day full of good food, fun in the sun, and dazzling firework displays. Because we are lucky enough for the 4th of July to land on a Saturday this year, the festivities are likely to last all weekend. This is great for most of us but a little nerve-racking for pets. After all, you don’t want to spend the entire holiday consoling your shaky, scared sidekick when you could be enjoying the festivities together! However, if you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises and the incessant sound of fireworks has them on edge, we have a few tips to help — including CBD for pets.

Fireworks and Dogs: A Shaky Combination

For most of us, when fireworks light up the sky in colorful twinkles and bursts, it feels simply magical. Few other experiences can compare to seeing such a grand display above us in celebration of our nation. But, unfortunately, dogs don’t experience the same enjoyment as we do for a few key reasons:

1. Some dogs feel threatened when they hear fireworks.

Dogs instinctively want to protect their owners, their homes, and themselves from all threats. The noise coming from outside, echoing into the home, can make dogs feel anxious, on guard, and defensive as they attempt to understand the perceived threat.

2. The loud sounds are bothersome to some dogs.

Because dogs’ hearing is more acute than humans’, they hear sounds more profoundly, making the loud booming sound of fireworks more alarming. Also, the whistling sound can resemble a dog whistle for some dogs, perking their ears up and making them feel on edge.

3. Some dogs dislike the unpredictability of fireworks.

When we celebrate Independence Day, we anticipate the sound of fireworks in the distance, and we don’t feel alarmed. However, dogs see it as an average day that loud, unpredictable noises have suddenly bombarded. This is unnerving for them, and it can feel very scary.

If your dog seems to dislike fireworks and it triggers a sense of fear or nervousness, you may observe the following behaviors from your four-legged pal:

  • Shaking
  • Excessive panting
  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing around the house looking out the windows
  • Crying/whining
  • Hiding in a small space





Tips to Keep Fido Calm on the 4th of July

Your furry sidekick is your best pal and an important part of your family. So when they feel stressed out, you want to do everything you can to help them. You might think that nothing can be done to help your dog during the loud Fourth of July festivities, but that’s not true! You can take a few steps to reduce your pup’s tension and set them up for a more relaxed evening. Try one (or all) of these tips to help console your dog this holiday weekend:

  • Try a comforting “thunder shirt” or other wraps for your dog. The constant light pressure feels comforting to many dogs, and it is a known remedy for dogs who dislike thunderstorms for similar reasons. However, remember not to make it too tight, or your dog will feel confined and uncomfortable. The idea is to have your dog feel safe like they would if they were being hugged or under a protective blanket.
  • Do your best to keep your dog inside during the festivities. Unless it seems to be a potty emergency, keeping your dog indoors helps reduce the volume of the sounds and prevents your pup from running away to hide or chase the sounds. Inside is the safest place for dogs during fireworks displays.
  • Make sure there is a comfortable “safe space” inside for your dog to retreat to. Some dogs feel at ease when they are inside of their crate or kennel. Others prefer a certain spot in the house. Accommodate your dog’s preferences and make sure they can tuck away from the action whenever they want. Tip: If you can’t find your dog’s hiding place during fireworks, check the bathroom. Many dogs like to slip between the toilet and bathtub where it feels safe and cool.
  • Set your dog up for success. You can put a dab of lavender essential oil on your dog’s collar to promote a sense of calmness through their acute sense of smell.


For most of us, when fireworks light up the sky in colorful twinkles and bursts, it feels simply magical. But not for dogs…

CBD for Pets – Is It Safe?

Many of you know and love CBD for the way it improves your own routine, but you may not realize it can benefit your pets, too! Pets experience similar physical and emotional discomforts as humans, and CBD helps reduce them in an all-natural way. But wait. Before you start sharing your personal CBD products with your sidekick, there are a few things you should know.

While the active ingredient – hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) – is the same, products made for humans have different supplemental ingredients and dosage recommendations than pet-specific products. CBD made for pets is carefully produced to include flavors your pets will love, and dosage amounts to cater to their average size/weight.

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we offer multiple CBD products for pets to get their tails wagging, including:

All of our pet products are 100% THC-free and completely safe for your pets to consume.

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