Baby Boomers and CBD

Because of the digital age we live in, you have probably seen CBD ads, products, and success stories all over several popular social media platforms. This inundation may give the impression that younger generations are leading the charge to CBD, the increasingly popular holistic solution. However, Baby Boomers and CBD are quite the popular pair. 

Believe it or not, Baby Boomers are reportedly the largest age group utilizing CBD products in recent years! That’s right – if you were born between 1944 and 1964, you and your peers are getting the very most out of this groundbreaking compound. While it may seem that ads and blogs are directed to younger crowds, at The Hemp Doctor, we want you to know that we hear you! We have a large Baby Boomer customer base, and it is important for us to provide the answers to all the questions you may have about CBD and how it may fit into your unique lifestyle.

We have outlined a couple of important facts that you need to know about CBD in general, then answered some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. We hope that this will help you gather all of the information you need to shop for all-natural, hemp-derived CBD products to help you feel your best each day!

CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana, and it will not get you high.

CBD, the acronym for cannabidiol, is a compound known as a cannabinoid derived from plants in the cannabis family. It is a common misconception that CBD is synonymous with marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are both plants in the cannabis family, but only hemp-derived CBD is legal in the United States since the Farm Bill passed in 2018. Even though hemp and marijuana are in the same family, they have different characteristics, including the natural levels of THC that exist within the plant.

You may be familiar with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It is the compound associated with marijuana that is known for producing mind-altering side effects. However, to the relief of many, hemp naturally contains a lower concentration of THC. Plus, the law requires a maximum of 0.3% THC to be present in any product sold, so you can rest assured that any hemp-derived CBD product purchased from a reputable retailer will not get you high or produce any uncomfortable psychoactive side effects.

CBD interacts organically with the body to provide several benefits.

When CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, the microscopic particles begin interacting with the body by engaging with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The complex endocannabinoid system is responsible for a wide array of everyday functions and processes. All-natural CBD immediately begins working harmoniously with your system, working to promote true homeostasis within the body. 

The true potential of CBD is yet to be unlocked as research continues to find new, unique ways that this plant-derived compound can improve one’s daily routine – but the compound is promising to scientists.

CBD FAQ – Answers to Common Concerns

Q: Can I travel with CBD?

A: Yes, because hemp-derived CBD is legal in the United States, and it has been since 2018, you can take the all-natural, non-psychoactive compound with you on the go. The most important thing to remember is that you should shop with retailers who only sell hemp-derived CBD and can prove it with a third-party lab report.

Q: Can I take CBD if I take other medications?

A: As a precaution, it is always best for you to speak to your doctor if you plan to add a new medication into your daily routine. Please speak to your doctor, and let them know you are interested in all-natural CBD, then find your ideal product from a reputable, trustworthy CBD brand, like The Hemp Doctor.

Q: Can I combine different types of CBD products, like oral and topical?

A: Absolutely! Many consumers prefer combining different types of products simultaneously to enjoy a more well-rounded wellness experience. Always pay attention to dosage, especially when it comes to orally administered products, to ensure that you are not ingesting more than necessary. We always recommend starting with the lowest dosage for CBD beginners, increasing gradually until you achieve your desired results. Once you find the perfect dosage, consider combining oral and topical products throughout the day, as topical products provide targeted support. In contrast, potent orally administered CBD products offer long-lasting benefits, too! Combining oral and topical products is the best way to enjoy the best that CBD has to offer.

Q: How do I know if my CBD product is high-quality and safe?

The best way to shop for high-quality, safe-to-use, hemp-derived CBD is to find a trustworthy retailer transparent about everything they do. Your CBD brand of choice should always have a highly informative website featuring information about the company, where their hemp comes from, how it is extracted, and more. In general, the most important traits of high-quality CBD products are:

  • CBD is derived from organically-grown U.S. hemp.
  • Advanced extraction and purification to ensure that all of the beneficial compounds are properly preserved.
  • Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum options should be available. Both are highly beneficial, but broad-spectrum products are completely THC-free for your peace of mind.
  • Your product should be third-party lab tested to prove quality, and your brand of choice should always provide access to the lab reports so you can see what is in the bottle for yourself.

The Hemp Doctor – Your Trusted CBD Retailer

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we offer a wide range of industry-leading hemp and CBD products that fit into just about every lifestyle. We realize that you can find CBD just about anywhere, which is why we work to make the quality of our CBD products superior to our competitors. The result is a more bioavailable product, longer-lasting, and more effective for our family of customers.

If you have any additional questions about hemp, CBD in general, or if you’d like help to find the perfect product, reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team, and we will do everything we can to help you. We look forward to our CBD enhancing your everyday life and helping you feel your very best each day!

using hemp oil

Self-care is a relatively new idea. The concept of taking time for yourself seems to be the antithesis of our modern hustle culture. But with the rise of conversation around mental health, people are finally taking the time to ensure that they are feeling their best. While the self-care space seems to be dominated by corporate products aimed at beautifying women, there are things that men can do to improve their mental health with self-care.

Whether you view yourself as a traditional man, strong and supportive, or maybe a gentler modern man, you can acknowledge the need for men’s self-care. More recently, the discussion around men’s mental health has become prominent as younger generations begin to force the conversation. But we have some tips for the everyman to improve his self-care.


We all know that exercise is healthy for you. But most don’t connect it with self-care. The truth is that exercising can be one of the best self-care elements that you can find. It not only helps to relieve stress, but it also keeps your lungs and muscles healthy so that you feel better throughout the day. As you continue to exercise, you’ll also notice that you also have an increased ability to handle daily stress.

If you’re not in the habit of exercising on a regular basis, it’s important to start slow. We understand the impulse to jump into the gym and start throwing weights around, but that could lead to an extended injury that would keep you sidelined for a while. Even if you just start with a daily walk or light exercise three to four times a week, you can always build up to a routine that requires more exertion. And while we’re on the subject of exercise, we’d also like to recommend taking our Full Spectrum High Octane CBD/CBG/CBN/D8/D9 Tincture a couple of hours before your workout to help with muscle recovery.


Having a healthy diet is another one of those things that you know to do but probably don’t associate with self-care. However, self-care is all about taking care of yourself – body, mind, and spirit. So it is essential to give your body the fuel it needs to handle the stress of the day and keep you feeling your best.

Many men make the same mistake with improving their diet as they do with exercise: It’s all or nothing. However, you can start small here, too, and work your way up. Begin by incorporating a little more fruits and vegetables into each meal and increasing that amount until at least three-quarters of your plate is filled with healthy fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid eating out too often, as many people are often in a hurry and grab fast food or decide on that creamy pasta dish on the restaurant menu instead of the healthy alternative. If you don’t have time to cook, there are plenty of healthy lines of frozen foods on the market today. We also recommend that you enjoy a Delta 8 edible like our Cosmic Rings as an after-dinner treat. These tasty edibles are great for helping you to relax and unwind at the end of the day.


There’s an adage that if you look good, you feel good. So you may want to pay attention to the usual grooming regimes like keeping your hair clean and trimmed, and your teeth brushed. But why not add some self-care routines like skincare lotions and moisturizers, facial masks, scalp scrubs, or other products to help improve your appearance to look your best? Remember, a little self-confidence goes a long way in helping you take on the challenges of the day.


A good night’s sleep does wonders for your ability to take on the pressures of juggling work and family. In addition, a full night of uninterrupted sleep helps your immune system produce T-cells to fight off infection. There are many steps you can take, like drinking soothing chamomile teas, lowering the temperature in the room, and turning off electronics two hours before bedtime to help you drift off to sleep. We also recommend enjoying one of our Delta 8 THC Prerolls before bed. Finally, look for strains like our Bubba Kush that are indica leaning to help you completely unwind and prepare you for a good night’s rest.


Men’s mental states are often the last thing that gets paid attention to when incorporating self-care ideas. Who has the time? However, a strong and relaxed mental state is essential for focus and to help you deal with stress. As a “fight or flight” response, your body naturally produces cortisol to combat the stress you are feeling. Therefore, by calming your mind and relaxing your body, you will improve your mental and physical health.

We recommend starting with guided meditations so that you learn the proper techniques. From there, you can continue with guided meditations or just follow your own program. And don’t shrug off adding affirmations to your meditation. They may sound like hogwash, but positive affirmations will help rewire your mind to overcome self-sabotaging thoughts. And if you’re into vaping, our Delta 8 THC Disposable 1ml Vape Pens are a great idea before a meditation session. Just stick with sativa-heavy strains like our Pineapple Express so that you can stay focused and alert.

Other Ideas

Make sure that you take time for yourself every day. Look for anything that you really enjoy. Some suggestions would be:

  • a hot bath with a fragrant candle burning,
  • reading in a quiet place in a secluded area of your house,
  • gardening,
  • taking walks in the woods or along the beach, or
  • journaling.

Think of anything that will bring a smile to your face, and make time to do that every day.

We Are Interested in Holistic Health at The Hemp Doctor

We value our loyal clients, and we strive to provide an extensive inventory of holistic solutions to help our customers create a balanced wellness routine that fits their lifestyles. Shop with us today!


Turmeric is a spice used to color curry. It’s also one of the most potent and multi-functional herbal remedies out there. This spice has been used for centuries in Asian cooking and as a dye for clothing. Even today, holistic health gurus tout the need to include turmeric in your diet. However, one of the most beneficial ingredients that comprise turmeric is a compound called “curcumin,” This miracle compound does most of the health-benefit heavy lifting. But what exactly can it do for you? Here are seven unique and amazing benefits that curcumin has been found to possess.

1: Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation can be annoying at the best of times. While little moments of inflammation are your body’s way of handling and getting rid of foreign particles and other biological influences like viruses and the like, longer periods are typically a sign that something is wrong. It is an indication that your body is fighting something a chronic issue or something it shouldn’t be fighting (like its own tissues, cells, etc.)

Curcumin has been proven to be a valuable substance in the treatment of this kind of inflammation. This is because it can muffle some of the molecules that cause the inflammation. However, just one dab of the stuff isn’t going to take care of the issue. Studies suggest that heavier doses are required to reduce chronic inflammation significantly, and the doses required are something you should do only after consulting with your doctor.

2: Brain Health

Brains are a network of neurons connected in different ways and sending signals through those neuropathways. Certain proteins are vitally important in making sure those networks are maintained and ensuring new ones as time goes on. It has been found that curcumin is a great source of these kinds of proteins.

When a brain is deficient in BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), it can lead to problems and difficulty learning new things, retaining information for longer periods, or general on-the-fly functionality that you would typically expect with a brain that is functioning normally. In clinical trials, curcumin has been shown to kickstart the creation of this important chemical and slow down the degradation of higher brain functionality.

3: Cancer Treatment

While working as an anti-inflammatory and being important for brain health is important, another known benefit of curcumin is in the treatment of cancer patients. In clinical tests, curcumin has been shown to prevent tumor growth and actually attacks the cells that are multiplying due to cancer, among other things.

It must be noted that you should not take this to mean that curcumin can cure cancer. It isn’t quite that potent. And like the application for use against inflammation, it requires quite a big dose to do what we know it’s capable of doing.

4: Arthritis Treatment

Curcumin has been found to be effective in the treatment of arthritis. In patients with arthritis who took either curcumin or any other kind of drug for anti-inflammation treatment, the curcumin seemed to prove just as, if not more, effective at soothing their symptoms.

5: Heart Disease Prevention

Do you know what one of the most common causes of heart disease is? It’s called an oxygen free radical. It’s called that because this type of molecule is more active and unstable than most. When it comes into contact with certain types of biological matter (like a heart, for example), it reacts in dangerous and damaging ways. Curcumin has been shown to neutralize these overactive agents.

But that’s not all it can do for your heart. Encasing your blood vessels is a layer of tissue called the endothelium. When this lining is damaged or otherwise not working properly, the heart is more prone to clotting or developing other various difficulties. Curcumin has been shown to strengthen the endothelium, making it less likely to fail at a given moment. In addition, curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties apply just as well to heart-related complications.

6: Depression Treatment

We’ve talked before about how this lovely chemical can help increase brain power in general, but studies seem to suggest that this extends to mental health as well. As many types of depression are linked with some kind of brain deficiency (a crippled hippocampus, failing memory centers, etc.), it stands to reason how curcumin’s support of brain health can be an effective supplement to aid in the fight against depression.

7: Other Disease Treatments

At this point, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to see this on the list. With its potency in the areas of brain functionality, cardiovascular health, inflammation reduction, and other benefits, it’s no wonder that curcumin has been found to help chronic pain caused by inflammation. It can also bolstered areas that would otherwise run deficient due to old age.

We Have Curcumin at The Hemp Doctor!

We at The Hemp Doctor are always interested in carrying products that promote all-natural wellness solutions to the common ailments we all experience every day. Curcumin has been shown to possess many holistic benefits but is also known to absorb poorly into the bloodstream. This is why we feature curcumin in our CBD Softgels with Curcumin. These softgels carry 25 milligrams of potent CBD and the added benefits of curcumin. These softgels also use nanoemulsion technology to make much more of the CBD and curcumin more easily absorbed into your bloodstream.

In addition to our softgels, we carry other highly beneficial wellness products like our Full Spectrum High Octane Tincture. This powerful hemp oil combines the benefits of CBD, CBG, CBN, D8, and D9 all in one full spectrum tincture. Even our Hemp CBD Salve contains only all-natural ingredients along with generous amounts of broad-spectrum CBD.

We believe in the power of natural, plant-based wellness solutions as an option to pharmaceuticals. This is why we carry such a vast inventory of products to fit every need and every lifestyle. Let us be your partner in a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. Shop with The Hemp Doctor today!


Let’s be honest, 2020 wasn’t what any of us were expecting. For the first time in memory, the majority of us were stuck at home for extended periods of time. As a result, many ended up spending the day in pajamas and eating unhealthy foods while watching copious amounts of television. Although completely understandable, these habits did nothing for our waistline or our energy levels.

But now, as we’re finally coming out of a year of stay-at-home orders, many of us are looking to get back on track this summer and start taking care of ourselves. So we’d like to offer some suggestions on supercharging your summer through healthy eating, light exercise, and Delta-8.

Summertime Exercise

You want to be prepared as much as possible before you exercise during the summer months. Part of that preparation should be to get your body ready for the light summer workout by enjoying our Delta 8 THC Tincture about an hour before your workout. Our D8 blend with CBN is a great way to get you in the exercise frame of mind and promote homeostasis within your muscles.

So now that you’re ready, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Summer Exercise Tips

  1. Make sure to pace yourself and drink one to two cups of low or no sugar sports drink or water an hour before your workout.
  2. Try to schedule your outside workout either before the sun rises or after it sets so that it’s cooler.
  3. Keep a protein bar or pretzels on hand if you will be working out for more than an hour (you might need a little boost).
  4. Stick with low-intensity workouts during times of high heat.
  5. Be sure to wear breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking clothing that will pull moisture away from your skin.
  6. Wear a hat to protect your head and face from the summer sun.

Summertime Exercise Ideas

Look for cooler places to exercise. For example, if you’re close to a breezy shoreline or shady woods, exercise there.

Another idea is to exercise in the rain. We know it may sound silly, but it can be exhilarating to feel the rain as you run or bike ride. But, of course, if you hear thunder or see lightning, it’s time to get indoors.

Go for a walk after dinner. If you’re close to a beach, a walk in the sand not only offers more resistance and increases the intensity of the walk it’s also a very nice way to end the day. In addition, a 20-minute walk after dinner will help your body regulate its insulin and glucose levels as well to avoid spikes.

Of course, the ultimate summer exercise is swimming. Swim 10 to 15 50-meter laps, and rest for 60 seconds between intervals. This will not only provide you with an effective low-impact workout, but you will also be enjoying the deliciously cool water during and after your laps.

Healthy Eating over the Summer

Eating healthy is going to help supercharge your summer by giving your body the nutrition it needs. So while you’re whipping up this great keto-friendly summer recipe from Feasting at Home, why not indulge in a Delta 8 Triple Bear to add a little fun to the experience? Or how about a Delta 8 THC Bomb after the meal for a sweet finish to a great dinner? These chewy candies are perfect when you need a tasty way to get your daily dose of Delta 8 THC.

Stuffed Avocado with Shrimp and Tarragon


4–5 ounces cooked shrimp – shelled and cut into bite-sized pieces

1 scallion – sliced thinly at a diagonal

2 radishes – diced finely

3 tablespoons celery – diced finely

1 tablespoon fresh tarragon leaves – chopped, add more for garnish later

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon zest

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard

1/8 teaspoon kosher salt – more for sprinkling

1/8 teaspoon cracked pepper

1 perfectly ripe, large avocado – cut in half, pit removed.

Optional garnish: Sunflower Sprouts or tarragon leaves


In a medium-sized bowl, combine all the ingredients except for the avocado. Stir the mixture well. Once it’s well mixed, let it rest for 5 minutes. Mix it again and taste. If necessary, adjust the salt and lemon juice to your preference. Then refrigerate until ready to serve.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, sprinkle the halves with salt and pepper, and divide the shrimp mixture between the two halves. Top with sprouts or tarragon leaves. Enjoy immediately!

Overall Self Care

Diet and exercise are only two ways of supercharging your summer. Taking care of yourself will also help you to get back on track after a long year of hibernation.

Begin with an overall wellness routine. Yes, diet and exercise are important, but ensuring you have a balance of supplements to help support your body is another way to self-care. In our summertime supercharge selection, we can think of nothing better than our Delta 8 THC Softgels to accomplish this. Of all of our summertime ideas, this item tops our list of Delta 8 products. Convenient to take with you anywhere or perfect at home, these softgels are a great way to get the Delta 8 you desire throughout the day. And each softgel carries 25 milligrams of Delta 8 THC in a long-lasting capsule so that you can enjoy the benefits for hours.

One of the other ways to take care of yourself is to slow down and take time for yourself. Leave time in your day to meditate, take a bath, or read a book. Try setting aside time just for you to do something you really enjoy every day.

Get Your Premium Quality Delta 8 THC Products from The Hemp Doctor!

Not only do we carry an extensive line of products for you to use to supercharge your summer, but you can also be sure that every one of our products is of the highest quality available. That’s because every item we carry is:

  • Derived only from hemp grown in the United States;
  • 100% legal on a federal level;
  • Created from hemp oil that was produced using scientifically advanced methods that leave no residual solvents;
  • Tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the accuracy of our labels and the purity of our products.

You will find no higher quality products to supercharge your summer with than what you will find when you shop with The Hemp Doctor!


Sleep is essential to our daily functioning. When we wake up and feel completely rested, the whole day just feels easier and more enjoyable. After all, just like putting your cell phone on the charger before bed and waking up to a full battery, our bodies also need to power down and recharge.

Unfortunately, falling asleep at a reasonable time and maintaining a deep, rejuvenating sleep throughout the night can be a challenge for many people. Especially lately, when it seems like there are so many things to keep the mind active – work, family, friends, your health and the health of loved ones, politics, world events –  a good night’s sleep can seem impossible.

Before going to extremes to find a way to sleep better, try exploring natural assistance. Many of the most effective products to support sleep are actually plant-derived and holistic! You’ve probably already heard of CBD (the hemp-derived ingredient that took the nation by storm in 2018) because it has become one of the most popular health products on the market today. However, the newest impressive ingredient capturing attention, from coast to coast, is also derived from hemp: CBG.

What Is CBG?

CBG is short for cannabigerol, and it is a powerful plant-derived compound called a cannabinoid. Plants in the cannabis variety (most notably, hemp and marijuana) contain hundreds of cannabinoids used in wellness products today. While both hemp and marijuana are in the cannabis plant family, the two are not identical. Marijuana contains much higher THC levels. This compound is known to cause mind-altering side effects or the high associated with marijuana use. Even though both plants contain THC, hemp contains much lower amounts. In the United States, only hemp-derived products containing 0.3% THC or less (a minuscule amount) are legal since The Farm Bill of 2018 was passed.

Like its well-known counterpart (CBD), CBG is legal, all-natural, non-addictive, and does not cause psychoactive side effects. Even though fewer people know about CBG right now, that is guaranteed to change. So just when we thought hemp couldn’t be more amazing, experts decided to analyze exactly what CBG can do closely, and the results could not be more exciting.

Before we explain what CBG can do, it’s important to understand the difference between CBG and CBD. We know that they are both compounds derived from the hemp plant, but you may not realize that CBG is a bit more exclusive because it is harder to acquire. It all comes down to the lifecycle of the hemp plant. Here’s how:

In the early stages of the hemp plant’s life, the plant contains a dense amount of CBG-a (cannabigerol acid). Through photosynthesis, as the plant matures, the CBG-a is transformed into other well-known, beneficial compounds like CBD. The fully mature hemp plant does contain the CBG compound, but in very small amounts, as most of it has been synthesized into different compounds. This means that it is harder to yield high amounts of CBG, making the beneficial compound much rarer and highly desired.

As soon as consumers began realizing CBG’s potential, the demand for CBG products began skyrocketing. Because the mature hemp plant contains such low levels of the compound, expert cultivators and researchers have had to find ways to extract more CBG by harvesting the hemp plant earlier, when CBG is most prolific. Similar to CBD, CBG can play a vital role in one’s daily routine, as it enters the bloodstream and immediately begins absorbing, delivering support where the body needs it most.

Of course, this elusive, highly sought-after compound offers several benefits. However, as the product becomes more popular, many consumers are reaching for CBG to help them, and when they do, they are increasingly impressed.

The Hemp Doctor: Ahead of the Curve

CBG might be hard to find at average stores, but we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to hemp products! At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, you can trust that our hemp products are completely safe, unlike no-name competitors who can’t prove the claims they make on their labels. We can, and we do! When you shop with us, you can easily access the third-party lab results to see exactly what’s in your product. That means you can shop with confidence with us, knowing your products are safe and trustworthy.

If you have any questions or curiosities about CBG, CBD, or if you’d like us to recommend your ideal product, reach out to us. We will be excited to see you enjoy hemp as much as we do! Our friendly team is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or if you prefer, you can send us a message here.

Get started today! Whether you’re interested in purchasing our premium CBG to improve your sleep routine or any of our other impressive, organic hemp-derived products, we have something you will love. Shop online today, or visit us at our Mooresville, NC shop in person.

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