With hemp-derived compounds taking the wellness industry by storm lately, many consumers are seeking more definitive answers about the legality of the plant and its many compounds. Whether you realize it or not, you are probably familiar with several hemp compounds used in health supplements across the United States. Some of the most popular include:

  • CBD (cannabidiol, one of the most sought-after compounds in recent years)
  • CBG (cannabigerol, known as the mother of all cannabinoids)
  • Delta 8 THC (the non-psychoactive THC)
  • CBN (cannabinol, the relaxation-evoking compound starting to gain attention)

These are just a few of the dozens of unique compounds derived from hemp; these compounds are called cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Expert cultivators harvest the hemp plant when it has reached its prime, then precise extraction and purification processes are used to carefully strip the hemp plant’s leaves, flowers, and stalks of the beneficial compounds, meticulously preserving them. The final product is a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract that is used in numerous wellness products on the market today.

Understanding the 2018 Farm Bill

There are many things to consider when you want to understand the law around hemp and its derivatives. First, we need to make one important distinction: hemp and marijuana are not the same plants. Hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis plant family, but like any siblings, they have a lot in common, but they aren’t identical.

Marijuana is known for producing mind-altering side effects when inhaled or consumed. This is because of the high levels of THC (Delta 9 THC to be specific), which binds to receptors in the brain and causes a euphoric experience. Conversely, derivatives of hemp are not known to be psychoactive, especially those sold on the market today that comply with the Farm Bill.

The President signed the Farm Bill into federal law in 2018, which decisively made all derivatives of hemp with .3% THC or less completely legal in the United States. Because .3% THC is a small amount, the traces are incapable of causing psychoactive side effects, making CBD, CBG, and other hemp compounds increasingly attractive. This legislation gave consumers the freedom to purchase hemp products, use them on a daily basis, and even travel with them. When you purchase your supplements from a reputable retailer, you can feel confident that your products are clean, safe, and comply with federal law.

As hemp products continue to improve lives naturally, consumers are eager to find new ways to enjoy them, including considering growing the dynamic hemp plant themselves.

Growing Hemp – Is It Worth It?

Checking hemp grown in a farm.The idea of growing your own hemp may sound appealing. The versatile plant has numerous uses, and most importantly, it contains numerous powerful compounds. But is it actually worth the effort?

First things first: It is only legal to grow hemp in 46 of the 50 states. If you happen to live in Idaho, South Dakota, New Hampshire, or Mississippi, it is illegal to grow hemp within state borders.

Extracting CBD, CBG, and other compounds: If you are in one of the states where you can legally grow hemp and you decide to give it a try, the natural next step is to want to use the hemp you grow. Here’s where it gets tricky. Hemp experts use very expensive, scientifically-advanced extraction methods to remove the compounds from the plant; Trying to recreate the complex extraction techniques at home can be very dangerous, so the best way to use home-grown hemp is to infuse your olive oil with it. Be sure not to overheat it, because the beneficial compounds become compromised when they are exposed to extreme heat. Unfortunately, this method does not give you a potent final product, but it does allow you to enjoy hemp-infused oil safely.

The Bottom Line: While it may be fun to try growing hemp in one of the 46 states where it is legal to do so, we recommend trusting the professionals when it comes to extracting the compounds to ensure that it is safe and that the beneficial compounds are not compromised.

The Hemp Doctor: Products You Can Count On

At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, hemp is our passion. We are meticulous about every detail, starting from the instant the organic hemp seed is planted in organic U.S. soil. We ensure our hemp farmers are expert cultivators, fostering plants that contain the most potent and robust compounds possible. Then, to be sure that the integrity of the superior cannabinoids is not compromised, we use industry-leading extraction and purification methods to create a dense, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract.

Our family of customers keeps coming back to us for the latest and greatest hemp innovations, because our products deliver all the benefits you would expect from a premium product, including:

  • Supporting emotional clarity and general wellness
  • Helping one unwind after a busy day
  • Improving everyday skincare habits
  • Expediting the recovery of muscles and joints after a workout
  • Promoting a more restful night’s sleep
  • Enhancing one’s focus by offering a natural pick-me-up
  • & so much more!

Hemp oil in a bowl.Our products are so effective because each one is carefully designed with you and your wellness needs in mind. Everything we sell contains only pure, chemical-free ingredients without any unwanted GMOs or pesticides, and our products are also gluten-free and certified kosher! We utilize cutting-edge nanoemulsion technology to ensure that our products are highly absorbable and bioavailable, so a little goes a long way, and your investment in your wellness is maximized.

Most importantly, we deliver on our promises. We don’t just claim to have clean, potent products – we prove it. We use an independent third-party lab to thoroughly scrutinize all of our products, and we make that report easily accessible. This means that you can always see exactly what’s in the bottle and verify the accuracy of our labels.

Visit The Hemp Doctor Today!

If you want to experience some of the best, most effective hemp products in the U.S., get started by visiting The Hemp Doctor now! You can always shop online via our website, or if you happen to be local to North Carolina, stop into our shop in Mooresville to meet our staff and receive one-on-one recommendations. We always love meeting fellow hemp lovers, and we look forward to helping you live your best life with our premium hemp and CBD products! See you soon!

Do you have the best dog ever? If you are like most dog owners, you probably feel like your pup is the most loving and wonderful in the world – and no matter who you are, you’re right! The connection between a dog and its owners is unique and irreplaceable, and every individual relationship is perfect in its own way.

When you look at your dog’s sweet face, you can’t help but want to give him or her the very best of everything to keep them happy and healthy. After all, we can never truly repay our furry companions for the unconditional love and loyalty they show us, but we sure can try. Whether it’s with cute toys, yummy snacks, or sometimes, adorable outfits, we just want to spoil our pets! They deserve every bit of it!

Like humans, dogs experience several types of physical and emotional discomfort. When they are overactive, overstimulated, or simply getting older, dogs feel many of the same things we do. Even though dogs can’t communicate using words, there are many ways to identify when your canine is experiencing some type of fatigue. For example:

Does your dog seem more sluggish after a day of physical activity?

A dog feeling sluggish after a day of activity.Tired, uncomfortable muscles and joints can leave your dog feeling fatigued, which manifests in many ways. Your dog may seem unable or unwilling to climb stairs or onto a bed or couch. He or she may walk more slowly and may even have a slight limp. This could be your pup’s way of conveying that their body doesn’t feel quite right.

Does your pup hide or destroy items during loud holidays, or when you leave home?

When dogs feel nervous, they react in numerous ways to show their discomfort. Some dogs hide or seek comfort in a familiar spot in your home, others act out to express their distress. Often, this is a sign that your dog is feeling emotionally distraught.

Is your dog showing clear signs of aging?

As heartbreaking as it is to watch, many of us can identify when our dogs are starting to experience the degenerative symptoms of old age. Like humans, dogs experience joint discomfort as the years take their toll, making your canine less active and engaged in things he or she may normally love.

First, when you notice atypical behavior in your dog, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. Your vet will be able to rule out more serious ailments and let you know exactly the cause of your dog’s behavior. Once you are sure it’s not something more serious, consider trying an all-natural, trustworthy solution: CBD.

CBD for Dogs – A Natural Remedy

You may be surprised to learn that CBD can positively impact dogs in the same ways that it can impact humans. CBD is the superstar ingredient that has taken the wellness industry by storm in recent years, but its benefits are more far-reaching then you may realize.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound derived from hemp. Often confused with marijuana, hemp is in the same plant family, but is not identical to marijuana. The versatile hemp plant contains over 100 beneficial compounds, known as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed, these hemp derivatives have been legal in the United States (as long as they contain no more than .3% THC).

Capable of delivering numerous wellness benefits, CBD enters the body and engages naturally with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for promoting comfort and harmony in the body, known as homeostasis. When CBD engages with the body, it acts to improve the body‘s natural functions, making it easier to achieve homeostasis.

Dogs’ bodies are quite similar. While we shouldn’t give the dogs the exact same CBD products that we take ourselves, specially-formulated CBD products engage in their bodies the same way, promoting peace of mind and physical and emotional comfort naturally. Like always, it is best to trust your veterinarian when it comes to products that are healthy for your dog, which is why The Hemp Doctor coordinated with veterinarians to create a CBD product tailored to your dog’s specific needs!

CBD Dog Treats: Veterinarian-Formulated, Pup Approved

Our carefully designed CBD dog treats were formulated by veterinarians, dedicated to finding an ideal dosage for your pet’s specific weight needs, and creating a savory flavor that your dog will find irresistible! Unlike CBD for humans, our dog treats are geared toward your pet’s specific flavor preferences, so you know that each wellness-evoking treat is sure to get their tails wagging!

Each savory bite is made with a blend of beef, bacon, and organic sweet potato flavors to satisfy your pup’s taste buds. Every treat also contains two milligrams of our robust phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract (CBD), making it easy to find the perfect dosage for your dog! Plus, you can always trust that every pet-specific formula in our inventory is THC-free for your comfort and peace of mind. You can view the third-party lab report on our website too!

Give Your Dog a Better Life with The Hemp Doctor

A dogg having a good time.At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, our knowledgeable hemp professionals are passionate about making life more enjoyable for you and your canine! We know the wellness power of high-quality CBD, and we settle for nothing less.

Our U.S. grown organic hemp is processed using cutting edge techniques and scientific advancements to ensure the final product is effective and pure, without any unwanted fillers. At The Hemp Doctor, you can always trust that our hemp and CBD products will be:

  • Safe & effective
  • 100% compliant with the law
  • Free of harsh metals, chemicals, and pesticides
  • Highly absorbent
  • Made in the USA
  • Gluten-free
  • Third-party lab tested to prove premium quality

Our hemp experts are committed to making superior quality CBD products accessible and risk-free to try. We offer a money-back guarantee that we are sure you won’t need to use, but that offers you a safety net when you are taking a leap to try something new.

We know that CBD will help you and your pet live better, more fulfilling lives, but don’t just take our word for it. Start shopping now and see why our unparalleled CBD is well-loved by pets, humans, and even professional athletes all across the United States! You can shop online or stop into our Mooresville, NC shop to meet our hemp family. We hope to see you soon!

As the wellness industry shifts to embrace more holistic solutions, consumers are increasingly eager to learn about the many natural compounds in the hemp plant that can deliver benefits without unwanted side effects. You have certainly heard about CBD (short for cannabidiol), the all-natural ingredient known for promoting emotional and physical harmony. CBD is a compound derived from hemp, and it is one of over 100 compounds called cannabinoids within the leaves, flowers, and stems of the plant.

Consumers who aim to replace modern, chemical-infused medicines with natural remedies have begun taking notice of another hemp-derived cannabinoid that promises similar wellness benefits: CBN. Not to be confused with CBD, CBN is short for cannabinol, and it is another unique compound derived from hemp. Today, we are going to discuss this lesser-known powerhouse compound that will soon be making headlines, and you’ll see why CBN is a great addition to any wellness routine!

What Is CBN?

Like CBD, CBN is a cannabinoid that is expertly extracted from plants in the cannabis family. People often confuse hemp and marijuana, because both plants are in the cannabis family. However, they are two different strains with different genetic profiles, so they are not identical. In the United States, derivatives of marijuana are not federally legal. Derivatives of hemp, however, are. CBN, cannabinol, is one of the hemp-derived compounds that has been making an appearance in wellness products lately, as it is the molecular result of aged, degraded THC. As THC oxidizes, it becomes far less psychoactive, but the beneficial elements remain present. Some may stigmatize CBN for its connection to THC, but the compound has earned its accolades from consumers who have experienced the many benefits it can offer.

CBN during the extraction process.You may not realize this, but when you purchase a high-quality CBD product, the primary ingredient is likely a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, which features several hemp-derived compounds including CBN. It is a noteworthy cannabinoid because it is capable of interacting beautifully with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), producing several wellness benefits naturally. The ECS is one of the primary systems in the body that works to regulate many of the body’s everyday functions. Hemp-derived cannabinoids promote a healthy and balanced ECS and offer numerous benefits for the mind and body, including:

  • Increased general relaxation and peace of mind
  • A more consistent sleep routine
  • Support for overworked or aging joints
  • Expedited muscle recovery after a strenuous workout
  • Improving everyday skincare routines
  • Encouraging a sense of emotional clarity and harmony
  • Contributing to a more sunny and pleasant disposition
  • & much more

With so many benefits to offer naturally, it’s no wonder consumers are excited to add derivatives of hemp into their routines!

Is CBN Legal?

Like with many new plant-derived wellness innovations, consumers question whether CBN is safe to use on a daily basis and legal to possess and consume. According to The Farm Bill of 2018, as long as it is derived from hemp and contains no more than .3% THC, CBN and other derivatives are completely legal for purchase and consumption in the United States at a federal level. For due diligence, always check the most updated laws for your specific state to be certain that you were complying with state law as well.

Even though THC is the ingredient known to produce euphoric side effects, .3% is considered a minuscule amount. This means that a high-quality hemp extract that complies with the law is not considered psychoactive and will not produce uncomfortable, mind-altering side effects.

Experience The Entourage Effect

You can find CBN in several highly effective wellness products offered by The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD dispensary. We offer a wide range of products to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, including broad-spectrum and full-spectrum hemp products that allow consumers to experience “The Entourage Effect.”

The Entourage Effect is when several powerful compounds enter your bloodstream simultaneously, maximizing the overall wellness experience as the ingredients work more effectively when combined. An isolate will not provide this dynamic experience because isolates consist of only one single ingredient rather than a robust blend. Experts agree that you will receive the most dynamic benefits from products containing a rich blend of CBD, CBG, CBN, and more, and this phenomenon is widely referred to as The Entourage Effect.

Shop with The Hemp Doctor Today

As lovers and connoisseurs of hemp, the team of experts at The Hemp Doctor is constantly working hard on your behalf to create new, helpful wellness innovations. We encourage everyone to live their very best lives using natural products, and we have several appealing options to choose from.

When you shop with us, you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest quality hemp products on the market today. We have earned a positive reputation in the industry because everything in our inventory is:

  • 100% Farm Bill compliant
  • Derived from organically-grown U.S. hemp
  • Processed using scientifically-advanced technology to ensure maximum potency and purity
  • Gluten-free
  • Third-party tested by an independent lab to verify premium quality
  • Certified Kosher
  • Free of harsh contaminants, metals, molds, and pesticides
  • Backed by our money-back guarantee

We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products because we use only the most advanced techniques to create them. We don’t cut corners to save money or time, because your health and wellness are more important to us. Plus, our products are so safe and dependable, we use them ourselves each day!

Two Ways to Shop!

A lady shopping for CBD online.If you are ready to start shopping for some of the best and most versatile hemp-based wellness products on the market today, visit The Hemp Doctor’s website! You can browse our wide inventory of products, from edibles and energy drinks to topicals and an assortment of hemp flowers and prerolls, and so much more! There is something for everyone to love. If you place your order online, we will promptly ship it directly to your door!

If you happen to be local to Mooresville, NC (or if you plan on passing through), we encourage you to stop in our store to meet us in person! We are happy to make personalized recommendations, helping you choose the perfect products to fit your needs and preferences. No matter how you prefer to shop, as soon as you add any of The Hemp Doctor’s superior CBD products into your routine, you will begin living a more enjoyable, vivacious life!

Hemp and CBD have changed everything about the wellness industry recently. Before, it seemed as though you had to risk unwanted side effects in order to experience some relief from everyday discomforts, and reluctantly, people did it. Whether it’s emotional or physical, many are so desperate to feel better that they will take the bad with the good, so to speak, trying everything from health store supplements to gas station remedies.

The world has changed though, and you no longer have to sacrifice one comfort for another. Ever since hemp-derived CBD debuted in the United States, it has given everyday consumers a new lease on life! Finally, there is an all-natural, plant-derived product that actually delivers the results it promises without causing mind-altering, euphoric side effects!

Edibles: The Most Delicious Way to Wellness

CBD is a compound derived from the hemp plant. Years ago, the word “edibles” was associated predominantly with marijuana, so consumers sometimes confuse the products on the market today with products that might get you high. Rest assured, when you buy your edibles at a trusted retailer like The Hemp Doctor, your delicious and effective edibles won’t have any psychoactive side effects and will only feature derivatives of hemp (which have been completely legal in the United States since 2018).

Edibles are an increasingly attractive way to enjoy CBD because they come in a variety of different flavor options and textures, making your wellness experience fun and sweet. Plus, most edibles are featured in convenient, pre-measured bites, so you never have to worry about measuring out your daily dose of CBD.

The Hemp Doctor’s Edibles: A Candy Store for Grown-Ups

A girl enjoying her gummies.As a kid, you probably remember going to the candy store and having a favorite candy (or a few favorites, we get it). As an adult, even though candy is undeniably delicious, the only thing a candy shop treat is good for these days is a sugar high. The Hemp Doctor has reinvented candy for adults, designing a full line of hemp and CBD-infused treats that can actually improve how you feel after you consume them. We have created numerous flavor options to satisfy just about anyone’s taste buds. Here’s a glimpse into our huge inventory of edibles:

  • Hempy Worms – CBD Gummy Worms – Our bright neon gummy worms are one of our most popular products because they are the perfect fusion of classic candy and a highly effective CBD product! Cute, sweet, and discreet, at a quick glance, no one would realize that you are enjoying premium CBD while snacking on these tasty bites!
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Cherry Sour Gummies – Shaped like the classic double cherry you know and love, this delicious cherry edible is lightly coated in sour sugar to give it the extra pop of flavor to make your mouth water!
  • Canna Gum- CBD Chewing Gum – Discrete and minty fresh, our CBD infused chewing gum is packed with premium CBD and flavor crystals to offer a burst of freshness when you need it most. Available in mint and grape flavors, this convenient CBD chewing gum fits perfectly into your pocket or purse and makes it easy for you to enjoy your CBD on the go!
  • Cherry or Grape Classic Broad Spectrum CBD Lollipop – Just like you would see in the window of an old fashion candy shop, these classic lollipops are beautiful to look at and extremely delicious! Featured in cherry and grape flavors, these broad-spectrum lollipops are THC free and a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying CBD!
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Peach Rings – A well-known candy shop favorite, our peach rings deliver orchard-fresh flavor plus 20 mg of our premium full-spectrum CBD in every bite, offering a number of benefits effortlessly.
  • CBD Lemon Drop Hard Candy – A customer favorite, our lemon drop hard candies are both zesty and invigorating, like the sweet and sour balance of a perfectly ripe lemon with an added hint of sweetness for your enjoyment! Our customers love the option of having a hard candy, and our convenient mini packs make it easy to take these delicious lemon drops on the go!
  • CBD Chocolate – Chocolate lovers, we are here for you! Lots of edibles are fruity and sugary sweet, but we all have a weak spot for a delicious, smooth, mouthwatering chocolate! Crafted using premium CBD for maximum absorption, this chocolate takes guilty pleasure to a new level!
  • Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Gummy Bears These organic bears are tasty little bites that will satisfy your taste buds with pumpkin, black currant, and concentrated organic apple flavors. Each gummy has 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD to deliver quick and effective results.
  • Delta-8 THC Edible Bears – One of the most highly sought after hemp-derived compounds recently is Delta 8 THC, and we offer this premium ingredient in a tasty edible! One of the most potent and effective ingredients on the market today, D8 encourages relaxation and peace of mind naturally, without the psychoactive side effects you can expect from Delta 9, the THC known for making you feel high.

These are just some of the numerous hemp and CBD edibles we offer. At The Hemp Doctor, America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, we realize that premium quality CBD can truly change your life for the better, so we want to make it easy for you to find products you love so you can reap the benefits of CBD too.

Everything we sell is held to the very highest industry standards, and our diverse inventory is expansive enough to cater to nearly every individual’s needs. We offer full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, so you can find products with traces of THC or THC-free products, if that is your preference. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that everything we sell is 100% compliant with federal law (The Farm Bill of 2018).

Our CBD comes from organically grown U.S. hemp that has been carefully extracted and purified to preserve every beneficial compound, making everything we sell pure, yet highly effective. Start browsing our edibles today, and see why satisfying your sweet tooth has never been more beneficial to your health! See you soon!

If you are like most people, you probably welcome new, healthy ways to feel great every day. Especially now, when we are experiencing such a unique time in history where our daily stress levels are at an all-time high, we all crave something to help us ease the burdens of everyday pressures. The good news is, as we try to keep our families safe, avoid getting sick, maintain our jobs, homeschool our kids, and try to maintain our relationships from a distance, we can still do little things to keep ourselves healthy and resilient.

You have likely heard of CBD, the natural wellness ingredient changing lives across the United States each day. What you may not realize is that CBD is actually a safe, healthy, plant-derived wellness solution that is so versatile, you can even drink it!

Get to Know Hemp-Derived CBD

For CBD beginners, here is a quick summary of everything you need to know. First, CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound derived from the hemp plant. People sometimes confuse hemp with its sibling plant, marijuana – but don’t worry – the two plants are different in their structure, so you won’t experience any “high” feelings from hemp-derived CBD!

CBD and other derivatives of hemp became legal in 2018 when the Farm Bill passed, allowing all hemp-derived compounds to be purchased, sold, and consumed as long as they contain .3% THC or less. This groundbreaking change sparked the creation of hundreds of different hemp products aimed at improving your everyday life naturally.

Hemp experts, like the founders of the renowned brand The Hemp Doctor, immediately began fine-tuning their process to offer a diverse range of wellness-evoking, safe, legal products. As a result, they feature numerous premium products infused with high-quality hemp extract to offer consumers an unmatched experience, and to say they’ve been successful is an understatement!

One unique, highly sought-after product gaining popularity is the Hemp Doctor’s inventory of hemp and CBD infused tea! If you haven’t tried it, here are three reasons why you want to stop what you’re doing and order it today.

Three Reasons You Need Hemp Tea in Your Life

A lady pouring her CBD tea on her cup.To feel our very best each day, one important thing to do is to stay hydrated. There are plenty of tasty beverages you might enjoy, but most of them are so dense with sugar, the benefits are overshadowed. You deserve something delicious that actually adds to your life satisfaction, and finally, that beverage exists! Tea infused with hemp delivers hydration plus physical and emotional benefits you never thought possible, including:

1. Hemp tea helps you feel calmer and more emotionally balanced.

One of the most underrated benefits of CBD and hemp is the way it makes you feel more emotionally centered. The idea is less tangible and harder to measure, so it sometimes doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Yet, when we spend our days inundated with news, work, responsibilities, and deadlines, we can absolutely feel a nearly palpable difference in our stress levels after making hemp tea part of a normal routine. Feeling calm, balanced, and not overwhelmed is something some might consider priceless – yet it’s achievable when you choose the right beverages.

2. Hemp tea can help remedy physical discomfort.

There are several reasons that different parts of the body can become uncomfortable. For some, active and rigorous fitness routines can leave muscles feeling tender; for others, aging or sitting at a desk for work all day can cause joints to feel tight and creaky. No matter the reason, all-natural hemp tea can help minimize your uncomfortable feelings naturally! The beneficial compounds enter the bloodstream and begin interacting beautifully with the body to promote homeostasis, and when you enjoy hemp tea on a regular basis, your body can feel more comfortable, relaxed, and agile. Plus, it can help expedite your workout recovery so you can get back to your fitness routine faster!

3. Drinking hemp tea before bed can improve your sleep routine.

Enjoying a thoroughly restorative night’s sleep is a huge factor in how you feel every day. If you felt restless all night, you will wake up sluggish and groggy, and your whole day will be affected. A tired mind and an exhausted body can result in poor stress management, limited energy and patience, and hinder your productivity. By simply adding hemp tea into your nightly routine, you can wind down much easier and drift into a peaceful, rejuvenating night’s sleep. Plus, when your mind and body feel deeply at ease, you can enjoy a deeper, longer night’s sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and recharged. No other tea can offer you such benefits!

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner, and curling up with a cozy blanket and a warm mug of delicious hemp tea is a perfect way to embrace the season while feeling your best. Plus, The Hemp Doctor offers a money-back guarantee, so there is no reason not to place your order today!

The Hemp Doctor: Premium-Quality Hemp Products

You deserve hemp and CBD products you can actually trust, and we work hard to meticulously craft wellness products that are versatile, safe, and convenient to add to your daily routine. The best way to stick to your wellness goals is to find products and habits you actually enjoy – and we have dozens to choose from! In addition to our hemp-infused beverages, we also offer:

We even have veterinarian-formulated CBD for your pets, so your loyal companions can feel their very best too! The Hemp Doctor is America’s Premier Hemp & CBD Dispensary, and we are proud to offer premium quality hemp products made with organically-grown American hemp. Everything we sell is 100% compliant with federal law, free of harsh chemicals and contaminants, and third-party tested for added quality assurance.

You won’t be disappointed when you incorporate our products into your daily routine. Whether you choose to enjoy our delicious hemp tea or any of our other innovations, you are sure to see an improvement in how you feel each day! Shop online or visit us at our Mooresville, NC shop to get started!

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